Spare Aviation Oxygen Cylinder (640 Liter)

Quick Overview

The 640 Liter oxygen cylinder can provide over 20 hours of oxygen yet is compact enough to fit easily in the cockpit. Upgrade your smaller portable oxygen system to allow for longer flights at high altitudes.


Just because you purchased a smaller oxygen system for those short flights into higher altitudes doesn't mean you have to purchase an entirely new system for a longer cross-country flight. Our 640 liter oxygen cylinder can serve over 20 hours of oxygen and is sized to fit the tight quarters of most general aviation aircraft. At under 10lbs in weight and using the same CGA540 fill valve of our other cylinders, it's also easy to transport and use.

The 640 liter oxygen cylinder from AeroMedix is the perfect upgrade for your smaller oxygen system. This tank packs enough oxygen to last over 20 hours yet is small enough to make storage simple. Like the rest of our oxygen cylinders, the 640 liter tank uses a standard CGA540 fill valve which makes swapping a regulator from a different bottle quick and easy. The fill gauge lets you know your remaining oxygen at a short glance and, as always, the bottle and it's components are constructed of quality, medical-grade materials for years of reliable usage.

A Helpful Backup As Well

At under 20 inches in height, the 640 liter oxygen cylinder makes a great backup solution for those long cross country flights. Store the bottle behind your seat for quick access or in the luggage compartment to save room for passengers. It's size and weight make moving the bottle in or out of the aircraft uncomplicated.

Important Note Regarding Shipping:

You may order your E-Ox oxygen cylinders shipped either pre-filled or empty. Pre-filled systems cannot be shipped by air due to federal hazardous materials regulations. Please understand that if you choose to have your bottle filled, we can only ship your order inside the US via USPS Parcel Post or FedEx Ground. If you do not select Parcel Post or Ground during checkout, there could be a delay in your order as we will contact you to correct the shipping. Shipping Parcel Post to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico can take up to and possibly exceeding 30 days.

More Information
Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

  • Height: 18.50"
  • Diameter: 5.25"
  • Weight: 9.0 lbs
  • Capacity: 640 liters (22.6 ft3)
  • Service Pressure: 2216 PSI
  • Connection Type: CGA540
  • Construction Materials:
    • Tank: 6061-T6 Aluminum
    • Valve: chrome plated steel, stainless steel
ManufacturerAeroMedix, LLC