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Aviation LifeRafts

Liferafts specifically designed for general and commercial aviation use.


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4 Person Liferaft with Canopy
Looking for a lightweight but compact life raft with a few more bells and whistles than the basic option? The Revere Aero Compact Life raft 4 person has the perfect options for everyone from the basic raft with the canopy to the raft with a canopy and Deluxe Kit. Building off of their basic lightweight and compact 4 person life raft, Revere has added a canopy and options for the Standard, Standard Plus, and Deluxe Kits.
Aero Compact 2 Person Life raft
Looking for a small life raft to equip your plane, look no further this compact 2 person raft is it. Revere has been manufacturing survival equipment since 1936 and this is their most compact and lightest life raft ever! Weighing and at 13 pounds and its packed dimensions being 14x9x5 " there is no excuse not to carry this raft every time you fly overwater.

Does Require Hazmat shipping precautions
Aero Elite - Aviation Liferaft
We all hope we never have to use the safety equipment installed in our planes, but if you had to, wouldn't you want the best? The Aero Elite Life Raft by Revere is truly the best coastal life raft on the market offering superior quality while maintaining a manageable weight and size. The Aero Elite offers four square feet per person which can help make a stressful situation more manageable