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E-Ox Basic Oxygen Systems

Not sure what kind of portable aviation oxygen system is right for you? Check out our NEW Aviation Oxygen Buyer's Guides and let us help you take the guess work out of purchasing the right aircraft oxygen system for you, the general aviation pilot and your flying situation. 

Our E-OX Aviation Oxygen systems are compact, portable and lightweight. The two links below will guide you through the process:


Guide #1: Basic Portable - E-OX Aviation Oxygen System
For pilots who generally fly alone at lower altitudes, seldom fly above 12,500 feet with a passenger, have tight space requirements in a small aircraft, or aviators that don't really need individual flow control for their aviation O2 system.


Guide #2: Individual Flow - E-OX Aviation Oxygen System
Systems for 2 or more people flying at altitudes above 12,500 feet.
Desire optimized oxygen systems that control individual flow rate for both the pilot and the plane's passengers.


Aeromedix.com has an oxygen system that is right for many types of general aviation pilots. In addition to these aircraft oxygen buyer's guides, we have aviation oxygen specialists on staff that can walk you through the buying process.


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E-Ox 36 Ultra Portable Aviation Oxygen System

At under $200 and weighing 2 pounds, the E-Ox 36 Liter portable oxygen system is perfectly suited as an emergency oxygen system that's capable of being carried in the cockpit, your flight bag, backpack or purse. Now there's no excuse for not having life saving oxygen with you whenever you fly!

E-Ox 113 Aviation Oxygen System

Slightly larger and with more capacity than the E-Ox 36, the E-Ox 113 is still a very portable oxygen system capable of providing almost 2 hours of oxygen. A great backup or emergency oxygen system for pilots.

E-Ox 170 Aviation Oxygen System

Wishing you could fly above 12,000 for more than a few minutes? The inexpensive 170 Liter portable system from Aeromedix may be just what you are looking for. Fly your aircraft at higher altitudes for almost 6 hours when you combine this system with an Oxymizer cannula.

E-Ox 255 Aviation Oxygen System

Get up to 8.4 hours of oxygen with the E-Ox 255 system and an Oxymizer cannula. At less than 5 lbs in weight, the 255 system packs a lot of oxygen for it's size. A great solution for those who take average-length cross country trips at altitude.

E-Ox 425 Aviation Oxygen System

Combine the E-Ox 425 Portable Oxygen System with an Oxymizer cannula and you can get up to 14 hours of oxygen - ideal for who regularly fly shorter trips at high altitudes or to reduce the number of oxygen refills between uses. With a taller but slender cylinder size, the E-Ox 425 won't cramp already tight cockpits.

E-Ox 640 Aviation Oxygen System

Looking for a simple, portable system for your frequent trips at high altitude or long cross country flights? The E-Ox 640 Basic Portable Oxygen System is a great solution for pilots looking for a large capacity system with simple operation in a size that fits great in smaller cockpits

E-Ox 680 Aviation Oxygen System

This is it! The largest Basic oxygen system we offer, packing in more than 22 hours of oxygen when combined with an Oxymizer cannula. It's long, slender cylinder size is great for fitting between passengers or hanging on the back of a seat. The E-Ox 680 Basic Oxygen system is the system for the high-flying pilot who regularly needs oxygen or wants longer intervals between tank fills.

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