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Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Despite several high-profile CO-related aircraft accidents in recent years, very few pilots carry any sort of carbon monoxide detector when they fly. Those few who do mostly rely on inexpensive chemical spot detectors that are almost worthless. The carbon monoxide detectors Aeromedix.com sells are the most sensitive units available and repeatedly win awards from various organizations for their quality and effectiveness.


Read Mike Busch's article about the use of Carbon Monoxide Detectors in your cockpit.


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Low Level Carbon Monoxide Detector - CO Experts 2014

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Same low-level CO protection in a Smaller Size!

For years, Aeromedix has been a proponent of the CO Experts models of carbon monoxide detectors for their simplicity, reliability and their performance. The newest version puts the unbeatable carbon monoxide protection that CO Experts is known for in a new smaller case with multiple mounting options and NO required maintenance - no battery changes needed!

Pocket CO 300 - Carbon Monoxide Detector

Looking for an effective and ultra-portable carbon monoxide detector you can carry anywhere? Check out the Pocket CO 300! Alerts you in 3 different methods, weighs less than 1oz and fits on a key chain!

Market price: $139.99