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Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs)

Outfitting your aircraft with an ELT is a smart choice. ELTs help direct search and rescue to your aircraft in the event of an accident by transmitting a locator signal to the CORPAS-SARSAT satellite system monitored by search and rescue dispatchers. We specialize in compact ELT systems that are simple to install and easy to maintain.


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406MHz ELT with Internal GPS by Emerging Lifesaving Technologies

Forget spending thousands on an ELT system that requires an external interface unit to collect and transmit accurate GPS information along with the usual 406MHz distress signal. This ELT package from Emerging Lifesaving Technologies incorporates all of that functionality in a durable, affordable and simple package.

Market price: $1595.00
Kannad 406AF Compact ELT Kit

A compact ELT kit designed to fit almost any aircraft, especially general aviation. The Kannad 406AF Compact ELT brings power, simplicity and safety to your aircraft by combining all the necessary equipment into one kit. With robust features, easy maintenance and a competitive price, you can now fit your aircraft with potentially life-saving ELT system without a lot of hassle.