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Pilots, for the most part, are gear-junkies. We love our gadgets and especially flashlights. At Aeromedix, we don't bother you with pages of flashlights to sort through. We specifically choose each one of these items for certain uses and criteria. We stand behind the products we sell because we put a lot of effort into choosing the ones we represent. Have confidence knowing that you're going to get a great flashlight!


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Doug Ritter eQ Multi Light

This item has been discontinued by the manufacturer and has been replaced by the EQ2 Ultralight Headlamp. The same great performance at lower price!

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eGear EQ2 Ultralight Headlamp

If it wasn't for the 22 lumens of focused, LED light coming from the eGear Ultralight headlamp, you might not even notice it's there! At less than 1 ounce is weight, this headlamp gives you a fantastic amount of light for such a small package. With both a headstrap and built-in clip, the Ultralight Headlamp makes a great flashlight to have in the cockpit, camping or anywhere you need bright, focused light.

Market price: $12.00
Freedom Micro Light Covert
A small, tough light is indispensable. The Freedom Micro Light is exactly that; small, tough, and indispensable. With 24K gold plated contacts, a durable case, and a manufacturer's lifetime warranty, we think you'll agree.
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Proton Personal Safety Flashlight
Proton LED Flashlight with both white and red LED bulbs...runs on a single AA battery!
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Safe-Light "Perma-Glow" Flashlight

Find your flashlight easily, even in the dark with the Safe-Light flashlight. The dim, "always-on" glow emitted by the multi-function LED ensures the Safe-Light is easy to spot in low or no-light conditions. Combine this with a long battery life, compact size, durable case and easy operation and you've got a unique and functional flashlight!

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