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Kannad 406AF Compact ELT Kit
Kannad 406AF Compact ELT Kannad 406AF ELT w/ Switch 350 Knot Rod Antenna 250 Knot Whip Antenna

Kannad 406AF Compact ELT Kit

Since it's release, the Kannad 406AF-Compact has been the ideal choice for general aviation pilots who wish to fit their aircraft with a full ELT system. The 406AF-Compact brings power and simplicity into one package with little maintenance involved. It's size and weight is ideally suited for small general aviation aircraft and the simple installation can be done without any major airframe modifications. The Kannad 406AF-Compact is FAA TSO-C126 certified and will broadcast on both the 406Mhz and 121.5Mhz frequencies as well as transmitting GPS coordinates when connected to the aircraft navigation system via an optional interface. The unit runs on it's own lithium manganese battery with a 6 year life - no connection to onboard aircraft power is needed. During an emergency, the 406AF-Compact can be activated by the pilot via the remote control switch or, during a crash, the reliable built-in shock sensor will automatically trigger the unit to begin transmission.

Product Features

  • Compact and Lightweight - Perfectly suited for GA applications
  • Complete Kit - no additional purchases are necessary
  • 6 year lithium manganese battery - no aircraft power required
  • Simple monthly self-test maintenance
  • Activated manually or via a reliable built-in shock sensor
  • A variety of programming protocols available
  • Available with 250 knot whip or 350 knot rod antenna
Weight 2.50 lbs
Antenna Choice

An ELT Designed for General Aviation
Outfitting your aircraft with a full Emergency Locator Transmitter system doesn't have to be costly or complicated. The Kannad 406AF-Compact makes it easy to add the protection and safety an ELT can bring to your flying. The automatic 406AF-Compact broadcasts on both the 406Mhz and 121.5Mhz rescue frequencies, has a 6 year battery, and requires no aircraft power to operate. Everything you need is included and the unit is fully FAA TSO-C126 approved for aviation use. It's also a great option for those looking to replace their old ELT system!

Powerful Features - Compact Size
The Kannad 406AF-Compact ELT is designed to be simple to install and easy to maintain. It's compact size (5.1"H x 3.4"W x 2.9"D) means it will easily fit in almost any aircraft, giving it a much greater application flexibility over other ELT systems. It weighs a mere 1.87lbs with the battery installed so it certainly isn't going to wreak havoc on your weight and balance calculations. Despite it's small size, the Kannad 406AF-Compact offers a slew of features normally only found in ELT systems costing twice as much. When activated, the unit transmits vital data on both the 406Mhz and 121.5 frequencies to the COSPAS-SARSAT satellite system and will provide over 48 hours of transmission even at temperatures of -20C. An optional navigation interface adds the ability for the 406AF-Compact to transmit crucial GPS and other location data along with the standard signals. The built-in shock sensor is rugged and reliable, preventing false activations. Should you experience an accident, the unit will automatically be activated by this shock sensor and the emergency transmissions will begin without you having to do anything. With the included remote switch, it is also possible to manually activate the unit at your own discretion. Each unit also includes a universal mounting bracket, making it easy to mount in your aircraft

Easy to Install and Maintain - Great for Fleet Operations
The Kannad 406AF-Compact is designed with simplicity in mind. Each kit comes with everything you need to install the ELT - there's nothing else to buy. Full instructions are included and installation requires zero to minimal airframe modifications. The included universal mounting bracket makes re-using existing mounting holes possible. Battery replacement is only required every 6 years and no hookups to aircraft power are needed. This greatly reduces the yearly maintenance costs over other ELT systems. Maintenance is incredibly simple: only a monthly self-test initiated on the included remote switch or on the ELT itself is required. The ELT status is visually and audibly announced via a flashing light and an internal buzzer. An optional programming dongle makes programming the 406AF-Compact a snap, an ideal tool to have for fleet operations. Speaking of programming, the 406AF-Compact is capable of a number of different programing protocols: Tail number, 24bit address (Mode "S"), Serialized number, and Aircraft Operator Designator.

Everything You Need is Included
Each kit includes the following items:

  • Kannad 406AF-Compact ELT Transmitter
  • Universal ELT mounting bracket
  • RC200 Remote Control Switch with Sub D Connector
  • DIN-12 ELT Connector
  • 6 year lithium manganese battery
  • Installation and Operation manual
  • Either a 350 knot rod antenna or 250 knot whip antenna*
*Typically the antenna will be shipped in a separate box from the main unit when ordered. The unit is also available without an antenna option.

An Important Note on Programming
Free registration of every 406Mhz ELT is required after installation is completed. After that, registration is required on a 2 year basis and/or anytime there are changes to be made to the registration on file with NOAA. These include but are not limited to; aircraft registration number, telephone number or aircraft owner changes. Registration will require a 15-digit Unique ID that is issued to each ELT manufactured. This identifier is located on the outside of the ELT casing.
You can register your ELT free at this website: www.beaconregistration.noaa.gov
Each Kannad 406AF-Compact comes pre-programmed for aircraft registered within the United States. If you are interested in purchasing this item for use in any other country, please contact us at 1-888-362-7123 and we will be happy to help you.

Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 6.89" x 3.9" x 3.4" (175 x 99 x 86.4mm) w/ installation bracket
  • Weight: 1.93 lbs w/ batteries installed
  • Color: Yellow
  • Construction Material: Molded plastic
  • Tightness: O-rings

Technical Specifications

  • Type: ELT, automatic fixed COSPAS-SARSAT Class II (-20°C to +55°C)
  • 406 MHz Transmission:
    • Frequency: 406.028 Mhz +/- 1 kHz
    • Output Power: 5W (37dBm +/- 2 dB)
    • Modulation Type: 16K0G1D (Biphase L encoding)
    • Transmission Duration: 440ms (short message) every 50 seconds
    • Autonomy: Over 48 hours at -20°C
  • 121.5 MHz Transmission:
    • Frequencies: 121.5 MHz +/- 6 kHz
    • Output Power: 100MW mini (+20dBm)
    • Modulation Type: 3K20A3X
    • Autonomy: Over 48 hours at -20°C
  • G-Switch Sensor: G-switch sensor compliant with EUROCARE ED62 specifications
  • Controls / Indicators / Connections:
    • ARM / OFF / ON switch
    • Bright red LED
    • BNC antenna connector
    • DIN12 socket for remote control panel and pin programming with programming dongle
    • Internal buzzer
  • Battery:
    • Model / Part Number: KIT BAT200, P/N S1840510-01
    • Type: LiMn02 two-element battery for transmitter power supply
    • Replacement Interval: 6 years
  • Qualifications:
    • ETSO-2C91a & ETSO-2C126
    • FAA TSO-C126 (RTCA - DO-204)
    • TCCA ICID Number: 1159A-COMPAC406AF
  • Environmental Conditions
    • RTCA DO-160E / EUROCAE Section 4 to 24: [D1]*A* [YLMC]AYXXXXZXXX[ZC]XB
    • Compliant with section 25
: *
: *
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