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Our Story

Two friends with a common interest...
Aeromedix.com was founded in 1998 by two long-time friends, both active pilots and aircraft owners, who share a passion for flying and aviation safety:

Brent Blue, M.D., a physician board-certified in both family-practice and emergency medicine, FAA-designated Senior Aviation Medical Examiner, former team physician for the U.S. aerobatic team, and widely-published author of articles on aviation medicine.


Mike Busch, a flight instructor, computer and  Internet expert, prolific aviation writer renowned for his in-depth technical articles and product reviews, and co-founder and former editor-in-chief of AVweb, the Internet's most active aviation Web site and electronic news service

...and a common vision...
Their original objective was to make important but hard-to-obtain medical and safety technology -- such as pulse oximeters, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke hoods, and the ReliefBand anti-motion-sickness device -- readily available to pilots and their passengers. (At the time, many of these items were available only through medical supply houses, and only with a doctor's prescription, which Aeromedix.com was happily in a position to provide.)


Fast forward...
Success came quickly, and Aeromedix.com soon became the dominant (and in some cases, exclusive) distributor of the various products that Brent and Mike selected for their catalog. As the company's product line grew to include emergency medical kits, rescue cutters and relief bags, it soon became apparent that interest in these health and safety items extended far beyond the world of aviation. A substantial portion of our sales are now to cancer and lung disease patients, pregnant mothers, frequent travelers, boaters, RV'ers, and homeowners.


Our Rx site
Due to regulations by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), many items of home healthcare equipment -- such as pulse oximeters and oxygen concentrators -- may be sold only with a doctor's prescription. Reimbursement for such equipment by medical insurance or Medicare also generally require such a prescription. Aeromedix was granted a pharmacy license by the State of Wyoming, and opened our Rx site, AeromedixRx.com, where you can purchase prescription-only medical products for home healthcare use.


Our Marine Safety Site - Oceanmedix.com

One of the primary objectives of OceanMedix.com has been to develop a line of Prescription Medical Kits, Sterile Packs and Prescription Medical Products specifically designed to compliment the First Aid or Medical Kit carried onboard a vessel engaged in extended Coastal Cruising, Ocean Passagemaking or Ocean Voyaging. From that base our goal is to continually expand our offerings with a selection of premium products to meet the needs of the serious recreational boater.