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Oxygen Cylinders

Our Oxygen cylinders are made of high quality aluminum and make great replacements or supplements to your current portable system. Each come with a standard CGA540 fill valve and fit both styles of regulators we offer.


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113 Liter Spare Oxygen Cylinder

It's a good idea to carry a spare oxygen cylinder with you, especially on extended trips. AeroMedix offers a full line of spare oxygen cylinders in a range of sizes. The 113 Liter cylinder will provide you with up to 3.7 hours of oxygen depending on the number of people and altitude.

170 Liter Spare Oxygen Cylinder

Ideal for the low land pilot who occasionally flies at high altitudes or for intermediate cross-country flights, the 170 liter oxygen cylinder can provide up to 5.6 hours of oxygen.

255 Liter Spare Oxygen Cylinder

With up to 8.4 hours of oxygen capacity, you don't have to worry about running out of oxygen on your next high-altitude cross country trip. The 255 liter oxygen cylinder is an excellent choice as a backup or primary oxygen container.

36 Liter Spare Oxygen Cylinder

The 36 liter oxygen cylinder offers the ultimate in portable oxygen. Less than 8 inches tall, weighing under 2 pounds, the 36 liter tank can provide 72 minutes of precious oxygen when you need it most.

425 Liter Spare Oxygen Cylinder

Don't need the large capacity of the 640 or 680 liter but still need a bigger oxygen cylinder for a cross-country flight at altitude? The 425 liter oxygen cylinder provides over 14 hours of oxygen in a compact and easy to transport bottle.

640 Liter Spare Oxygen Cylinder

The 640 Liter oxygen cylinder can provide over 20 hours of oxygen yet is compact enough to fit easily in the cockpit. Upgrade your smaller portable oxygen system to allow for longer flights at high altitudes.

680 Liter Spare Oxygen Cylinder

Did you buy a small oxygen system but now need something bigger for long-range flights? The 680 liter oxygen cylinder is the largest cylinder we offer and can provide almost 23 hours of oxygen.

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