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Most Effective Remedy for Motion Sickness - Reletex Anti-Nausea Device
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Most Effective Remedy for Motion Sickness - Reletex Anti-Nausea Device

The Reletex Anti-Nausea device is the best solution for your motion sickness. Perfectly suited for pilots and their passengers, the Reletex is a drug-free therapy for motion-induced nausea. No pills to take, no drug-drug interactions, simple and easy to use. Don't let motion sickness keep you from flying.

The Reletex Anti-Nausea Device comes in two disposable models (read the Overview section below for more information):

  • The PCN-7 has a 150 hour battery


Product Features

  • Can be turned off and on so you only use it when you need it
  • Works for all types of motion sickness
  • Benefits are felt within minutes of activation - you can wait until you actually feel symptoms
  • Produces no side effects - fully FAA legal for pilot use including student and aerobatic pilots
  • Performs equally well for adults and children

Prescription Required, we can write one for you (see details below)

If you are looking got a prescription free device, check out The ReliefBand® Voyager at this link

Special return restrictions apply, see details below

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Finally....the Reletex is Here!
 Now you can fly and travel in comfort without the side effects experienced by motion sickness drugs. Don't let motion sickness keep you grounded! The Reletex comes in disposable 60 hour and 150 hour models and each package includes a 10ml of conductivity gel, so there is nothing else to buy.

What About the Battery Life?

The Reletex comes in two non-replaceable battery models offering different battery lives: 60 hours and 150 hours of use. Each rating is based on the Reletex being used at a setting of "3". A low-battery warning light will begin to flash when the unit has approximately 8 hours or less of battery life remaining. Many customers who are familiar with the old Relief Band models are concerned about the non-replaceable nature of the batteries in the new Reletex products. It's good to remember that the manufacturer is making the Reletex with other short-term nausea conditions in mind and a model with replaceable batteries is not currently being made. Despite this, we at Aeromedix want to offer the Reletex to our customers as an effective and viable alternative to taking medications for solving motion-sickness induced nausea. There is simply nothing else on the market that comes close to helping so many people deal with the effects of motion sickness without the side effects of drug-based remedies. As discussed below, the technology used in the Reletex allows you to wait until you actually feel sick before turning on the Reletex - there's no need to use it as a preventative measure. This, combined with a 2 year shelf life on the battery, makes the Reletex an effective solution for solving your motion sickness problems.

Perfect for Pilots and Passengers
Is motion sickness keeping you from pursuing or enjoying general aviation? What about the sick feeling you get while performing aerobatic maneuvers? The Reletex can make flying enjoyable again. As there are no drugs to take and no side effects, the Reletex is fully FAA legal to use while piloting an aircraft. This makes the Reletex a great solution for student pilots as well as those who've been in the cockpit for years but are performing more advanced maneuvers that may induce motion sickness. It's also perfect for spouses or other passengers that typically avoid flying because of motion sickness.

How Does it Work?
Worn on the wrist, the Reletex produces a small neuromodulating current to a nerve in the wrist which stops peristalic waves in the stomach, ceasing nausea and vomiting. Again, there a no side effects, no drugs to take, and the stimulation sensation is minimal. It's easy to feel comfortable with the Reletex on, even at a high level of stimulation. The Reletex is effective for all types of motion related sickness whether its while flying, boating or riding in a car. It will make you and your passengers happy campers!

Fast And Effective
Unlike many other motion sickness remedies, the Reletex can be left off until you actually feel sick, meaning you do not have to use it as a preventative measure. The relief comes within a few short minutes! There are 5 levels of stimulation making it easy to adjust the level of intensity to meet the level of your symptoms.

Compare the Reletex to drug-based remedies for motion sickness
The Reletex provides up to 150 hours of relief with no side effects, compare that to prescription drugs which can cost $70 or more per tablet!

  • Anzemet© tablet = $71.20 avg cost, must be taken twice a day = $142.40 per day
  • Kytril© tablet = $65.98 avg cost, must be taken twice a day = $131.96 per day
  • Zofran© tablet = $24 per tablet, must be taken every 12 - 24 hours = $48.00 per day
  • Reletex PCN-7 = $225 / 7 days of use = $32.14 per day!!


A Prescription Is Needed
As the Reletex has a higher output than the discontinued Relief Bands and it considered a class II medical device by the FDA, it can only be issued with a prescription - But don't worry if you don't have one. Simply let us know in the "Comments" section during checkout that you require a prescription and our own Dr. Blue will write one for you, free of charge. If you already have a prescription, you can fax it in to us at 307-733-2059 or email it to sales@aeromedix.com. It's that simple. Because the Reletex does not contain any drugs or anything to be taken internally, our doctor does not need to diagnose a condition for you in order to release the product to you. However, please note that while we can write the prescription for you, we cannot provide a diagnostic code, which is generally required for insurance reimbursement.

Important Information About Returns
Due to the prescription nature of this product, AeroMedix can only accept returns on either version of the Reletex for UNOPENED packages. We cannot accept returns for opened or used Reletex. If the seal has been broken on the clear plastic packaging, we are unable to accept a return on it. Please note, however, that the manufacturer offers a 6 month warranty on each unit should the unit prove to be defective. For questions regarding this, please give us a call and we'd be happy to help.

The average shelf-life for the Reletex is two years provided that storage conditions described in the product manual are met

Each Reletex includes the following:

  • the Reletex unit 
  • a velcro wrist strap
  • a 10ml bottle of conductivity gel
  • and an instruction manual  

AeromedixRX also sells the 60ml bottle of conductivity gel here.  

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