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Smoke Evacuation Hoods

Aeromedix state-of-the-art Smoke Hoods protect you from smoke inhalation and other toxic gases in the event of a fire.


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iEvac Smoke Hood

The iEvac is a smoke hood certified by multiple US testing agencies and utilizes a clear hood, giving you an unobstructed view during use. Protect yourself from a range of toxic gases, harmful particulates and even radiant heat with the iEvac smoke hood.

ILC Dover SCape CBRN30
The SCape CBRN30 provides you and your family with unparalleled protection against potentially dangerous airborne agents, representing the next generation of gas masks and smoke/evacuation hoods.
Plus 15 Escape Respirator
The Plus 15 Escape Respirator provides 15 minutes of protection from smoke and toxic gases. Made in the US by Essex Industries, who is a leading manufacturer of FAA, CAA, CAAC and ANAC approved emergency portable breathing and rescue life support systems. The lightweight Plus 15 is easy to use and will fit most adults, providing excellent protection against smoke, particulates and toxic gases.
Safe Escape ASE30 and ASE60 Smoke Hood

Excellent & Inexpensive smoke protection for you and your family! 30 and 60 minute units available!

We think the Safe Escape ASE30 and ASE60 Smoke Hood are the most effective low-cost respiratory protection you can buy. The SafeEscape ASE30 gives you minimum 30 minutes of breathable air to get on the ground in a smoke filled cockpit. The ASE-60 provides 60 minutes of breathable air. Quick donning and cost effective, The Safe Escape smoke hoods bring smoke safety that cost thousands of dollars in commercial jets to general aviation for under $70. At this price, there's no reason not to have enough of these for you and your family.

Market price: $89.95