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Stick-on Near Vision Lenses


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Most Comfortable Sunglasses for Flying - Flying Eyes

Wear these sunglasses all day long in comfort - even with your headset on!

These sunglasses are a unique solution to a problem that's plagued pilots for years: How can I wear sunglasses comfortably while wearing my headset too? The temples on most sunglasses get pinched by your headset causing pain and headaches. The temples can also prevent the ear cup of your headsets from seating properly, causing sound leaks. Glasses with thinner temples bend and break too easily. The unique strap that the Flying Eyes Sunglasses uses means that you can wear quality sunglasses all day long in comfort! Interchangeable with included standard bayonet temples for out of cockpit use too!

Optx-20/20 Lenses
Teach your favorite sunglasses to read! These micro-thin, optically clear, flexible, removable and reusable magnifying lenses turn your favorite sunglasses, safety glasses, computer glasses, helmet visor, or ski/dive goggles into bifocals!

Stick on Bifocals
Why spend so much money on prescription bifocal glasses, when you can turn any eye wear into bifocals with these Stick on lenses. Small flexible plastic lenses fit onto sunglasses, safety glasses, diving masks, and any type of eye wear. Easy to put on and remove, giving you the flexibility to pick the place that best works for you. Multiple lenses can be to fit to any eye wear to provide different zones of magnification- ideal for aviation, golf, shooting sports, and anything where you need a little more magnification and want the flexibility and economy that these stick on lenses provide.

great for:
Diving masks
Protective Eye wear
Ski Goggles

Market price: $29.99