Standard Aviation Oxygen Mask

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Comfortable, inexpensive and light.


The E-Ox basic oxygen mask is a good solution for using your portable oxygen system in your aircraft. It's soft, anatomical shape makes it comfortable to wear and the three channel, crush resistant tubing is great for the cockpit. With a simple elastic strap, the mask is easy to put on which also makes it ideal for emergency situations when you need oxygen quickly.

The E-Ox basic oxygen mask comes standard with all of our oxygen systems as a either a primary mask or as an emergency backup, depending on your system's configuration. Purchase additional oxygen masks as an inexpensive way to serve oxygen to passengers or as a cost-effective replacement for old or worn cannulas and masks.

The E-Ox Basic Oxygen Mask is a great entry-level oxygen delivery mask that's comfortable to wear, lightweight, and inexpensive. The easy to use mask is a great solution as an emergency backup to your normal oxygen cannula or mask. The soft, latex free mask easily fits a wide variety of faces and is comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

Comes Standard with Each E-Ox System
The E-Ox basic oxygen mask comes standard with each oxygen system we sell. We provide this mask as both an emergency backup in case your primary mask or cannula stops working, or in the event you are flying at high altitudes exceeding 18,000 feet AGL. With their low cost and ease of use, these masks also make great replacements for worn out cannulas or masks.

Use Oxygen More Efficiently By Upgrading to an Oxymizer Cannula
While the E-Ox basic mask is a great, inexpensive solution for delivering oxygen, it can make quick use of the oxygen in your cylinder. If you'd like to use the oxygen in your system more effectively, consider upgrading to an Oxymizer Cannula. These cannulas can help you use your oxygen 4 times more efficiently than a standard oxygen mask.

For more information, be sure to read Dr. Brent Blue's in-depth article regarding emergency oxygen systems.

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Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

  • Tube Length: 7 feet
  • Tube Style: 3-channel, crush resistant safety
  • Mask Style: Elongated, Latex Free, Medium Concentration
  • Strap Style: Single Elastic, sealed end
ManufacturerAeroMedix, LLC