Group Prescription Medical Kit

Quick Overview
The Aeromedix Group Prescription medical kit is packed to treat almost any medical emergency when professional assistance is delayed or non-existent. Designed to serve 1 - 12 people, this kit is assembled-to-order for optimal expiration intervals for any included medications.

Our most in-depth prescription kit!

During situations where emergency medical assistance may be delayed (such as hurricanes, tornadoes and floods), being able to offer treatment to someone can make the difference between life and death! Our Group Prescription kit is designed to address medical emergencies for groups up to 12 people. The medications are packed for each order to ensure the longest shelf-life.

The prescription kits we sell are NOT intended to take the place of any prescription medications prescribed by your own physician. These medications should be acquired and carried by you in quantities sufficient for your needs. Each person should be fully informed by their own physician with regard to any and all complications and contra-indications that might arise as a result of the use of those medications in conjunction with any other medication, including those provided in these kits.

Special documentation is required to process orders for a prescription medical kit. Click Here to download the PDF form. This form must be emailed or faxed to us in order for Aeromedix to process the request for a prescription medical kit. 

Be Prepared when Professional Medical Assistance is Delayed or Not Available!

Our custom-made prescription medical kit allows you to address a wide range of medical problems. This kit has been designed by Emergency Medicine trained physician Dr. Brent Blue and is specifically made to compliment our Doc Blue Medical Kit or your existing first aid kit. With 24 medications, available only by a Doctor's prescription, this kit will ensure you are equipped to address a multitude of medical emergencies. As we've all witnessed with the recent natural disasters in the US and abroad, a quick response from EMTs, 1st Responders and other emergency crews is not always guarantee. 

Best for Large Groups

The Group Prescription Medical Kit is best suited for groups up to 12 people - making it perfect for large families, private jets and larger expedition/hunting/outdoor groups. All the included medications are provided in adequate quantities to treat various ailments for this amount of people. The medications provided are able to treat various conditions ranging from dental pain and upset stomach, to burns, abdominal infections and life threatening allergic reactions. The medications are packed in an easy-to-access 1000 Denier nylon case and are organized for easy identification and use.

Packed for the Longest Shelf-Life

Each kit is prepared & packed at the time of the order, allowing the longest shelf-life possible. The shortest expiration interval is 12-14 months for the Ephinephrine - but items can be replenished on a per-need basis - there's no need to replace the whole kit! Creams, salves and gel caps expire approximately every two years, while tablets expire every three years. A Re-Order Form is included with each kit to make the replenishing process simple, straightforward & stress-free.

Get Professional Medical Support 24/7

We recommend the use of the prescriptive items within this kit under the care of a trained medical professional - however that isn't always readily available! There are a number of programs available to provide you with 24/7 access to physician consultation and we encourage anyone who is serious about emergency preparedness to consider these services. The Department of Emergency Medicine at George Washington University's Global Health Services is a great example where a physician is available via phone or email at any time of day. Click Here to visit their page and find out more.

Supporting Documentation is Required

To ensure our compliance with federal and local regulations, we are required to collect certain information from the recipient of our prescription kits. We provide a PDF form which can be downloaded and filled out for this purpose. This form is available by clicking here. Please note, orders for prescription medical kits will not process until this form is completed and returned to us. Any order for a prescription kit will be placed on "hold" until this documentation is received. You can email the form to us at or fax it to us at 307-733-2059.

Important Notes

Our prescription medical kits are designed to address medical emergencies in the field when help is unavailable or delayed by 48 hours or more. The medications in these kits are NOT designed to take the place of medications prescribed by your personal physician. Please ensure that any medication your doctor has personally prescribed to you is available in appropriate quantities for your needs. Whenever possible, a physician should be consulted prior to the use of any prescription medication. Additional training may be required for the proper use of medical equipment and supplies. All medications in this kit must be administered in accordance with the product literature and all printed instructions. Use of any medication must be immediately terminated at the onset of any side effect or adverse reaction. We do provide physician support for our products to help you in determining your needs. Please call us at 888-362-7123 or email us at to get in touch with our onsite physician, Dr. Brent Blue.

More Information
Tech Specs

Comprehensive Item List

Below, you'll find a comprehensive item list for the Family Prescription Medical kit:

providone-iodine USP, 10% topical solution   Wound Cleaning, Skin Sterilization 1 x 4 oz. bottle
ciprofloxin  Infections    20 x 500 mg. tablets
azithromycin (generic for Zithromax)  Upper Respiratory Infections - only 6 x 250 mg. tablets / card x 2 cards (2 complete doses)
acetominiphen / hydrocodone Pain / also for Cough  40 x 500 / 5 mg. capsules
ibuprofen Anti-inflammatory, non-Narcotic Pain Reliever 20 x 800 mg. tablets
docusate sodium Stool Softener 30 x 100 mg. tablets
silver sulfadiazine 1% cream Burns with Open Skin 1 x 50 gm. tube
diphenoxylate / atropine  Diarrhea 20 x 2.5 / .025 mg. tablets
phenazopyridine (generic for Pyridium)   Urinary Infection / Pain 20 x 200 mg. tablets
erythromycin ointment Eye Infections including Styes 1 x 3.5 gm. tube
ranitidine (generic for Tagamet) Stomach Discomfort 15 x 300 mg. tablets
Gelusil Antacid - Chewable Stomach Discomfort 100 x chewable tablets
metroniazole (generic for Flagyl)  Abdominal Infections 20 x 500 mg. tablets
hydrocortisone rectal cream USP, 2.5% (generic for Annusol) Hemorrhoids 1 x 30 gm. tube
TAC cream - triamicinolone acetonide USP, 0.1% Skin Rashes  1 x 15 gm. tube
Terbinafine hydrochloride 1% antifungal cream Fungus - Toes, Skin, Ringworm 1 x 15 gm. tube
Meclizine HCI Chewable Motion Sickness 100 x 25mg tablets
zapelon ( generic for Sonata ) Sleeplessness 10 x 10 mg. capsules
diphenhydramine HCL (generic for Benedryl)  Allergic Reactions   30 x 25 mg. capsules
prednisone Severe Allergic Reactions  12 x 20 mg. tablets
epinephrine - injectable at .3 mg (.3 cc) Life Threatening Allergic Reactions  2 x EpiPen auto injectors & practice device
acyclovir (generic for Zovorax)  Fever Blisters 25 x 400 mg. tablets
Hydrocortison / neomycin / polymyxin B - otic suspension  Swimmer's Ear 1 x 10 ml. bottle
Oil of Clove Dental Pain 1 x 0.13 oz. bottle


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