Nonin 8500 Handheld Digital Pulse Oximeter (requires prescription)

Quick Overview
Designed with simplicity, ruggedness and cost-effectiveness in mind.

The 8500M is Nonin's earlier-design monitor that uses remote sensors. Compared to the newer 2500 PalmSAT at the same price, the 8500 is slightly larger, has no recharging cradle, and has a more complex user interface. However, it does feature the ability to produce realtime hardcopy printouts when you add the optional 8500P piggyback printer attachment.  It's also an extraordinarily rugged unit: meets MIL-spec for vibration in helicopter installations, has passed UL-544 drop tests, and is USAF-approved for medevac use.

The 8500M is powered by six AA alkaline batteries that last 100 hours, and is compatible with any of Nonin's remote sensors, including finger clips for children and adults, ear-lobe clip, or reflectance forehead sensor. It comes standard with a remote finger sensor with a three-foot cord.

The 8500M incorporates 18 hours of memory which can be downloaded to a PC using Nonin's optional nVISION software and the 1000MC interface cable. However, unless you need the 8500P printer attachment, unusual durability or USAF approval, the next-generation 2500 PalmSAT is probably a better choice.

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Tech Specs


  • Dimensions: 3"W x 6"H x 1"D (8cm x 15cm x 2.5cm)
  • Weight: 10oz (280g) with alkaline batteries
  • The standard known as IEC 60601-2 Edition 4 went into effect on January 1, 2019. All new or updated devices must meet these requirements to be indicated for EMS use.