E-Ox Basic Oxygen Systems

About our E-Ox Basic Flow Systems
Our E-OX Aviation Oxygen systems are compact, portable and lightweight. We use high quality medical grade components and have made these systems to take abuse and last for years. Our Basic Flow Systems are ideal for those pilots who fly occasional, average-length cross country trips at higher altitudes. In it's basic configuration with a standard oxygen mask, the 255 system will supply 2 hours of oxygen at a continuous flow rate of 2 liters per minute (LPM). With a height of just 16 inches and a weight of under 5lbs, the E-Ox 255 won't take up precious room in the cockpit. The adjustable click-style regulator is simple to operate, even while keeping one hand on the yoke and is calibrated at half-liter increments from 0 to 4 LPM. All of this makes the 255 system a great solution for pilots looking to provide oxygen for 3-4 hour cross country trips (using the Oxymizer cannula) or as a "just in case" oxygen system for those times terrain or ATC pushes you into higher altitudes.

We're Here to Help
Picking the right kind of portable oxygen system for your aircraft and situation is an important step for pilots flying non-pressurized aircraft at altitude. A portable oxygen system will help you avoid the potentially fatal effects of hypoxia while flying and will enable you to comply with FAA regulations. Our staff is also ready to help answer your questions or place an order. Give us a call at 1-888-362-7123. We've put years of experience and hands-on operation into designing both types of systems. We feel confident that our E-Ox systems can meet your oxygen needs while flying and provide you with years of reliable use.

Are you looking for an oxygen system that is ideal for 2 people or more and can control the flow of oxygen? Click here to view our E-Ox Individual Flow Oxygen Systems.

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E-Ox O2 Systems

Left to right: 255, 170, 113, 36 liter cylinders

(425, 640 and 680 liter cylinders not shown)



Basic System

(includes cylinder, adjustable regulator, standard mask)



1-Place System w/Oxymizer

(includes cylinder, adjustable regulator, standard mask and Oxymizer conserving cannula)



2-Place System w/Oxymizer

 (includes cylinder, adjustable regulator, standard mask, 2 Oxymizer conserving cannulas and "Y" adapter)

E-Ox 113 liter cylinderE-Ox 113 liter cylinder

13.6" x 3.2"

2.9 lbs. 4 cu. ft. capacity

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E-Ox 113 Basic

56 min @ 2 lpm


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E-Ox 113 1-Place

3.7 hours @ 2 lpm*


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E-Ox 113 2-Place

113 min @ 2 lpm /person


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E-Ox 170 liter cylinderE-Ox 170 liter cylinder

16.7" x 3.2"

3.4 lbs. 6 cu. ft. capacity

buy cylinder only

E-Ox 170 Basic

85 min @ 2 lpm


Buy Emergency Oxygen System

E-Ox 170 1-Place

5.6 hours @ 2 lpm*


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E-Ox 170 2-Place

2.8 hrs @ 2 lpm /person


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E-Ox 255 liter cylinderE-Ox 255 liter cylinder

15.6" x 4.4" 

4.8 lbs. 9 cu. ft. capacity 

buy cylinder only

E-Ox 255 Basic

127 min @ 2 lpm


Buy Emergency Oxygen System

E-Ox 255 1-Place

8.4 hours @ 2 lpm*


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E-Ox 255 2-Place

4.25 hrs @ 2 lpm /person


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E-Ox 425 liter cylinderE-Ox 425 liter cylinder

21.4" x 4.4"

6.2 lbs. 15 cu. ft. capacity

buy cylinder only

E-Ox 425 Basic

3.5 hours @ 2 lpm


Buy Emergency Oxygen System

E-Ox 425 1-Place

14.1 hours @ 2 lpm*


Buy Emergency Oxygen System

E-Ox 425 2-Place

7.1 hrs @ 2 lpm /person


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E-Ox 640 liter cylinderE-Ox 640 liter cylinder

21.1" x 5.25"

9.0 lbs. 22.6 cu. ft. capacity

buy cylinder only

E-Ox 640 Basic

5.3 hours @ 2 lpm


Buy Emergency Oxygen System

E-Ox 640 1-Place

21.3 hours @ 2 lpm*


Buy Emergency Oxygen System

E-Ox 640 2-Place

10.7 hrs @ 2 lpm /person


Buy Emergency Oxygen System

E-Ox 680 liter cylinderE-Ox 680 liter cylinder

30.23" x 4.4"

8.8 lbs. 24 cu. ft. capacity

buy cylinder only

E-Ox 680 Basic

5.6 hours @ 2 lpm


Buy Emergency Oxygen System

E-Ox 680 1-Place

22.6 hours @ 2 lpm*


Buy Emergency Oxygen System

E-Ox 680 2-Place

11.3 hrs @ 2 lpm /person


Buy Emergency Oxygen System

Carry bags, masks, cannulas and other accessories available here

To get your tank pre-filled with oxygen, click here

* Continuous flow duration w/Oxymizer based on reduced flow rate of 0.5 liters/minute (equivalent to 2.0 liters per minute with a mask or non-conserving cannula).# Cylinder duration w/Oxymizer based on reduced flow rate of 1.0 liters/minute (equivalent to 2.0 liters per minute per person with a mask or non-conserving cannula).

NOTE: - Cylinder heights are overall height, including valve and regulator - Cylinder durations are based on equivalent flow rate of 2.0 liters/minute (per FAA guidelines for supplemental oxygen up to 20,000 feet).

For much more information, be sure to read Dr. Brent Blue's in-depth article about emergency oxygen systems.

The E-Ox Portable Oxygen System is a unique product designed to provide a convenient way to carry lifesaving supplemental oxygen with you when you're on the move. We offer a range of sizes to fit every need - from a compact, lightweight system that slips easily into your flight bag or briefcase, to a cylinder large enough to provide enough oxygen for you and your passengers for several trips. E-Ox is a flexible system and can be used with a standard oxygen mask or cannula, or in conjunction with a conserving device to extend cylinder duration. The optional Oxymizer conserving cannula offers up to 4:1 savings!Of course, no oxygen system is complete without a pulse oximeter to monitor your oxygen saturation to ensure you are getting the oxygen you need (more on this below).

In the cockpit -- Use E-Ox as a source of supplemental oxygen when you need to climb above 12,500 feet to avoid high terrain or weather, or when you need to "sharpen up" at night before shooting an approach. Also perfect for emergencies such as smoke in the cockpit, loss of pressurization or ditching, where this system can provide the precious minutes you need to remain conscious while you make your way to safety. Since the Learjet crash that killed golfer Payne Stewart, many executives who travel on corporate aircraft have been carrying these units in their briefcases. (Please note that passengers may not carry filled oxygen cylinders on board a commercial flight unless it is furnished by the airline.)

In the mountains -- Supplemental oxygen is the best remedy for fatigue any time you are exerting yourself at altitude: skiing, climbing, hiking, etc. A personal oxygen system like E-Ox makes it easy to have supplemental oxygen with you anywhere and anytime. If you find yourself short of breath or suffer symptoms of altitude sickness (as almost everyone who lives near sea level does from time to time when at higher elevations), having your own personal supply of oxygen can eliminate this concern.

In an emergency -- Supplemental oxygen can also be invaluable for dealing with a wide range of exigencies: smoke or fire, auto or boat accident, first-aid crisis, etc.

E-Ox is manufactured exclusively for Aeromedix from medical-grade components. This system has been designed to be lighter and more compact -- and substantially less costly -- than anything previously available. Our exclusive click-style adjustable regulator allows you to quickly and precisely set the flow rate you desire.

E-Ox Cylinders E-Ox is available in your choice of capacities. The smaller sizes will fit easily into your briefcase or flight bag. (425, 640, 680 liter cylindersnot shown) E-Ox gauge, valve, and adjustable regulator Built-in gauge shows how much oxygen remains. Regulator provides an adjustable flow rate up to 4.0 liters-per-minute. The E-Ox regulator assembly fits all cylinder sizes interchangeably, so you can mix and match freely.

Standard CGA-540 fill valve lets you refill your E-Ox virtually anywhere compressed gas is sold.


Which E-Ox System is right for you?

Choose the cylinder size that best fits your application

Most customers find the smaller systems are more convenient to carry. However, since most oxygen providers and FBOs will charge you the same amount to fill your cylinder, regardless of the size, it's your best bet to get the largest cylinder that will fit your application. The extra cost of the larger cylinder will easily pay for itself by allowing you to save time and money by going longer between fills. Note that our adjustable regulator assembly will fit all E-Ox cylinder sizes, so you can "mix and match" the cylinders. This feature allows you to keep a spare cylinder handy so when one runs out, you just unscrew the regulator and attach it to the spare cylinder and you've got a full cylinder of oxygen ready for use.

Choose the system that best fits your need

E-Ox Basic System - Our most basic 1-place package to get your E-Ox cylinder ready for use. Includes adjustable regulator, oxygen mask and tubing.

E-Ox Oxymizer System - The same as the Standard System with an Oxymizer conserving cannula

in addition to the standard mask. The Oxymizer can make your cylinders last 3-4 times longer, which easily pays for it self after just one refill! This is our most popular configuration.

E-Ox 2-Place System - Contains everything you need for use by two persons simultaneously (adjustable regulator, oxygen mask, 2 Oxymizer conserving cannulas, "Y" adapter with tubing).

Want it pre-filled with Oxygen? Oxygen HAZMAT charge

You may order your E-Ox system shipped either pre-filled or empty. Pre-filled systems may not be shipped by air due to federal hazardous materials regulations. Filled cylinders will be sent via US Postal Service. Customers located outside the continental U.S. must order their cylinders empty so they can be air-shipped. Order your system pre-filled by selecting E-Ox Pre-fill on the form below.

A few words about pulse oximetry...

A pulse oximeter is a perfect companion for the E-Ox system. By allowing you to monitor your blood oxygen saturation, the pulse oximeter enables you to administer precisely the amount of supplemental oxygen you need (and no more), often allowing you to stretch your oxygen supply considerably. Ideally, the use of supplemental oxygen should bring oxygen saturation up to the saturation level you normally have at your home elevation. However, this would require a substantial oxygen flow rate and shorten the duration of your oxygen system considerably. Therefore, here are my recommendations for using supplemental oxygen in-flight by reference to a pulse oximeter:If your saturation level drops to 5 percentage points below your normal home saturation level, you should use supplemental oxygen to keep it from dropping further. If your oxygen saturation drops to 10 percentage points below your normal home saturation level, you must use supplemental oxygen to raise your saturation to within 5 points of your normal home saturation level.

E-Ox Accessories

Basic Oxygen Mask  E-Ox Oxymizer Mustache CannulaY adapter for E-Ox Supplemetal/Emergency Oxygen Systems

In addition to the basic E-Ox systems, we also offer the following optional accessories:

  • Extra cylinders (36-liter, 113-liter, 170-liter, 255-liter, 425-liter, 640-liter and 680-liter sizes). When one cylinder becomes empty, you can quickly remove the regulator and move it to your other cylinder, then take the empty one in for refilling when it's convenient. The E-Ox regulator fits all tank sizes interchangeably.
  • Extra mask. If your E-Ox system is used by more than one person, you'll probably want a separate mask for each user.
  • Standard nasal cannula. Clear plastic (nearly invisible) with nasal prongs.
  • Oxymizer conserving nasal cannula. This moustache-style cannula (pictured at right) features a reservoir that fills with 18ml of expired air at the initial phase of exhalation, which is then enriched or replaced with fresh oxygen during the remainder of expiration, and a diaphragm that collapses immediately at the beginning of inhalation, delivering a bolus of highly oxygen-enriched air to the deepest portion of the lungs. This results in a huge improvement in respiratory efficiency compared to a standard nasal cannula or mask. For example, using an Oxymizer with a 0.5 liter/minute flow rate gets as much oxygen to your lungs as using a standard cannula with a 2.0 liter/minute rate -- a four-fold improvement in the endurance of your E-Ox tank! The Oxymizer also has soft nasal prongs that offer maximum comfort and place less pressure on the nasal septum. It's much more comfortable than a mask, and permits the wearer to speak, eat and drink normally. Highly recommended -- it's what we use ourselves!
  • "Y"adapter. This three-way barbed adapter permits one E-Ox system to be used by two people simultaneously. For best results in this mode, we strongly recommend that you use this "Y" adapter with two Oxymizer conserving cannulas rather than with two masks or standard (non-conserving) cannulas.
  • E-Ox Carrying Bags are made of rugged, black, padded 400-denier Nylon fabric, and feature a convenient zipper closure and carrying strap. The three largest sizes have webbing to make it easy to mount your E-Ox system to the back of the right co-pilot's seat, allowing for easy access from the front left seat. This good-looking case helps protect your E-Ox system and makes it easy to carry with you everywhere.
Purchase your E-Ox personal emergency oxygen system risk-free! Like everything else sold by Aeromedix.com, the E-Ox system is sold with an unconditional 30-day return privilege. If you're dissatisfied for any reason, send it back within 30 days for a full refund.
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