E-Ox Individual Flow Oxygen Systems

About our E-Ox Individual Flow Systems

Our E-OX Aviation Oxygen systems are compact, portable and lightweight. We use high quality medical grade components and have made these systems to take abuse and last for years. Our Individual Flow systems give each user the ability to control their own oxygen flow, providing each passenger with the right amount of oxygen for their needs. They are capable of accommodating up to 4 users at once and by using quick-disconnect connections on the regulator, the Individual Flow systems allow you to add or remove users as needed. Decide during purchase how many places (users) you need. Don't worry, you can always add an additional place later on.

We're Here to Help?

Picking the right kind of portable oxygen system for your aircraft and situation is an important step for pilots flying non-pressurized aircraft at altitude. A portable oxygen system will help you avoid the potentially fatal effects of hypoxia while flying and will enable you to comply with FAA regulations. Not sure which oxygen system is right for you? Check out our Aviation Oxygen Buyer's Guides mentioned above and take the guess work out of purchasing the right aircraft oxygen system. Our staff is also ready to help answer your questions or place an order. Give us a call at 1-888-362-7123. We've put years of experience and hands-on operation into designing both types of systems. We feel confident that our E-Ox systems can meet your oxygen needs while flying and provide you with years of reliable use.

 Are you looking for a basic emergency oxygen system? Browse our E-Ox Basic Oxygen Systems.




2-place Individual-Flow Control

Cylinder, Regulator, Acrylic Flowmeters (2), Conserving Cannulas (2), 1 Standard Mask

3-place Individual-Flow Control

Cylinder, Regulator, Acrylic Flowmeters (3), Conserving Cannulas (3), 1 Standard Mask

4-place Individual-Flow Control

Cylinder, Regulator, Acrylic Flowmeters (4), Conserving Cannulas (4), 1 Standard Mask


E-Ox 425 liter cylinder

  • 20.4" x 4.4" 1
  • 7.4 lbs.
  • 15 cu. ft. capacity 

E-Ox 425 Indiv. Flow 2-Place

7.1 hrs @ 2 lpm/person 2


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E-Ox 425 Indiv. Flow 3-Place

4.7 hrs @ 2 lpm/person 2


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E-Ox 425 Indiv. Flow 4-Place

3.5 hrs @ 2 lpm /person 2


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E-Ox 640 liter cylinder

  • 20.0" x 5.25" 1
  • 10.0 lbs.
  • 22.6 cu.ft. capacity 

E-Ox 640 Indiv. Flow 2-Place

10.7 hrs @ 2 lpm/person 2


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E-Ox 640 Indiv. Flow 3-Place

7.1 hrs @ 2 lpm/person 2


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E-Ox 640 Indiv. Flow 4-Place

5.3 hrs @ 2 lpm /person 2


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E-Ox 680 liter cylinder

  • 29.0" x 4.4" 1
  • 9.5 lbs.
  • 24 cu. ft. capacity 

E-Ox 680 Indiv. Flow 2-Place

11.3 hrs @ 2 lpm/person 2


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E-Ox 680 Indiv. Flow 3-Place

7.6 hrs @ 2 lpm/person 2


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E-Ox 680 Indiv. Flow 4-Place

5.6 hrs @ 2 lpm /person 2


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 NOTES: * (1)Cylinder dimensions and weights include the valve, regulator, 4 quick connects, and 4 flowmeters. *(2)Cylinder duration w/Oxymizer is based on a reduced flow rate of 0.5 liters/minute per person at 18,000' MSL (equivalent to 2.0 liters per minute per person with a mask or non-conserving cannula).


When we introduced our original E-Ox Portable Oxygen Systems in 2001, we anticipated they would be popular in the general aviation community, and we were right! Our E-Ox portable oxygen system provides a high-quality oxygen system at much less than our competitors charge. Thanks to this quality and economy, we're constantly receiving requests from pilots for an individually-regulated portable oxygen system supporting up to 4 places, with all the desirable features of our original E-Ox, as well as our customary low price.

Aeromedix is now happy to introduce our E-Ox Individual-Flow Control Portable Oxygen System.

This system is designed for use by up to 4 people, features all medical grade components, and offers a great solution for pilots who want to have oxygen available for themselves and their passengers while flying. Whether it's climbing to avoid nasty weather or a mountain range, sharpening up before shooting a night approach, or just cruising at high altitudes to take advantage of favorable winds, you and your passengers will be happy that you brought along your E-Ox Individually-Regulated Portable Oxygen system.

Each E-Ox Individual-Flow Control Portable Oxygen System features:

  • Aluminum oxygen cylinder with Sherwood valve and contents gauge and rubber gauge protector
  • Chrome-plated brass CPC quick-connect fittings for each place
  • Acrylic Flowmeters for each place for precise individual flow adjustment
  • Oxymizer Conserving Cannulas to greatly extend cylinder duration
  • Standard oxygen mask (for altitudes above 18,000 feet, per FAA Regulations)
  • Safety channel kink-proof tubing, with clamps for secure connections
  • Flow Setting and Duration Information Card
  • Compliance with all FAA requirements for portable oxygen delivery systems

  For much more information, be sure to read Dr. Brent Blue's in-depth article about emergency oxygen systems.

All E-Ox Portable Oxygen Systems are unique products designed to provide a convenient way to carry lifesaving supplemental oxygen with you when you're on the move. E-Ox is a flexible system and can be used with a standard oxygen mask or cannula, or in conjunction with a conserving device to extend cylinder duration. The standard Oxymizer conserving cannula offers up to 4:1 savings, and our state-of-the-art REACT electronic conserving device can extend the duration of your cylinders by a factor of 7!Of course, no oxygen system is complete without a pulse oximeterto monitor your oxygen saturation to ensure you are getting the oxygen you need (more on this below).

  • Use E-Ox as a source of supplemental oxygen when you need to climb above 12,500 feet to avoid high terrain or weather, or when you need to "sharpen up" at night before shooting an approach. Also perfect for emergencies such as smoke in the cockpit, loss of pressurization or ditching, where this system can provide the precious minutes you need to remain conscious while you make your way to safety.

E-Ox is manufactured exclusively for Aeromedix from medical-grade components. This system has been designed to be lighter and more compact -- and substantially less costly -- than anything previously available.

Want more pictures? Check out our E-Ox 4-place Systems high-resolution photo gallery.

Which E-Ox System is right for you?

Choose the cylinder size that best fits your needs

A smaller system is more convenient to carry. However, since most oxygen providers and FBOs will charge you the same amount to fill your cylinder, regardless of the size, you'll save time and money by getting the largest cylinder that will fit your cockpit space. The extra cost of the larger cylinder will easily pay for itself by going longer between refills. Note that our regulator assembly fits all E-Ox cylinder sizes, so you can "mix and match" the cylinders. This feature allows you to keep a spare cylinder handy so when one runs out, you just unscrew the regulator and attach it to the spare cylinder and you've got a full cylinder of oxygen ready for use.

Want it pre-filled with Oxygen? E-Ox Oxygen Refill

You may order your E-Ox system shipped either pre-filled or empty. Pre-filled systems may not be shipped by air due to federal hazardous materials regulations. Filled cylinders will be sent via US Postal Service ground. Customers located outside the continental U.S. must order their cylinders empty so they can be air-shipped. You may order your system pre-filled by selecting E-Ox Pre-fill on the form below.


Have you purchased an E-Ox Individual Flow System and are in need of instructions? This video will walk you through the steps needed to assemble our E-Ox Individual Flow Oxygen System:

Purchase your E-Ox Individual-Flow Control Portable Oxygen System risk-free! Like everything else sold by Aeromedix.com, all E-Ox systems and components are sold with an unconditional 30-day return privilege. If you're dissatisfied for any reason, send it back within 30 days for a full refund.
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