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Oxymizing Pendant Cannula

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Product Features

  • Oxygen reservoir fills with expired air which is then mixed with fresh oxygen
  • See a four-fold improvement in the efficiency of your aviation oxygen system
  • Allows you to eat, drink and speak normally - unlike a full face mask
  • Durable construction from medical grade plastics
  • Comfortable pendent style sits on your chest
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The Oxymizer conserving cannula features a reservoir that fills with expired air at the initial phase of exhalation. 

Updated look with softer, small cannula tubing and no ear loops

Can be used with pursed-lip breathing for improved oxygen saturations and increased conservation.
Savings of two to four times over continuous flow.

Conservation without batteries or controls.

Use with all oxygen sources.

Adequate saturations at higher flows when used in place of a nonrebreather mask.

 The Oxymizer offers a huge improvement in respiratory efficiency compared to a standard nasal cannula or mask. For example, using an Oxymizer with a 0.5 liter/minute flow rate gets as much oxygen to your lungs as using a standard cannula with a 2.0 liter/minute rate -- a four-fold improvement in the endurance of your E-Ox tank!

 Much more comfortable than a mask, the Oxymizer permits the wearer to speak, eat and drink normally. It offers a huge improvement in respiratory efficiency compared to a standard nasal cannula. Highly recommended -- it's what we use ourselves!

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