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A344T Rechargeable Halon Fire Extinguisher

Looking for a rechargeable Halon fire extinguisher for your cockpit? The compact A344T from H3R is just the right fit for GA aircraft. It packs 1.3 lbs of Halon 1211 and comes with a single strap mounting bracket.

ACR ResQLink 406 MHz PLB with GPS

Why take chances? The ResQLink packs a full Personal Locator Beacon operating on the 406MHz frequency with GPS in a 4.6oz unit, making it one of the most portable PLBs on the market. Smaller than most cell phones, this PLB is perfect for when you want the protection a locator system offers but not the bulk of bigger units.

Market price: $349.00
ACR SARLINK 406MHz Personal Locator Beacon (PLB)
Lightweight, rugged and reliable; the ACR SARLINK uses the same technology utilized by the US Military, US Coast Guard, and even Arctic Explorers.
Market price: $399.99
ACR SARLINK View 406MHz PLB w/ Digital Display
The SARLink View adds a digital display giving you important information when the unit is activated. Know that your SARLink View is operating correctly, see your GPS coordinates and satellite strength for peace of mind during a life-threatening situation. Rugged durability, accurate GPS and the digital display means the ACR SARLINK View will help get rescue to you fast when you need it the most.
Market price: $549.00
Additional Place for Individual Flow Oxygen Systems
Add a single place to your E-OX Individual Flow Oxygen System

Market price: $107.00
Aero Compact 2 Person Life raft
Looking for a small life raft to equip your plane, look no further this compact 2 person raft is it. Revere has been manufacturing survival equipment since 1936 and this is their most compact and lightest life raft ever! Weighing and at 13 pounds and its packed dimensions being 14x9x5 " there is no excuse not to carry this raft every time you fly overwater.

Does Require Hazmat shipping precautions
Aero Elite - Aviation Liferaft
We all hope we never have to use the safety equipment installed in our planes, but if you had to, wouldn't you want the best? The Aero Elite Life Raft by Revere is truly the best coastal life raft on the market offering superior quality while maintaining a manageable weight and size. The Aero Elite offers four square feet per person which can help make a stressful situation more manageable
Aircraft Firearm Storage - Titan Gun Vault

The Titan Gun Vault is the ultimate in safe, secure storage for firearms in your aircraft. Keep your firearm readily available to you, but inaccessible to others.

ALOKSAK 12x44 Bag

Overstock Clearance!

Keep it all dry! The ALOKSAK 12x44 can fit lots of gear and electronics. The bags have a multitude of uses from being submersible to 200ft, to preventing freezer burn when used in the home. These 2 packs are on clearance and a great deal. Protect your goods and equipment with the ALOKSAK.
Market price: $16.00
ALOKSAK bags have been certified waterproof in excess of 60 meters (approx. 200 feet) for over two weeks by the SSI (formerly NASDA), and passed the submergence/thrash/pull test conducted by the US Navy Experimental Diving Unit.