Nonin 9840 Series Handheld Pulse Oximeter and CO2 Detector

Quick Overview

CO2 detection and pulse oximetry in a portable, handheld unit. An ideal product for patient transport or emergency medical situations, the 9840 series is dependable, fast and accurate. Comes in both alarm and non-alarm models.


Versatile, Accurate, Portable - Ideal for Emergency Situations and Patient Transport
The Nonin 9840 series pulse oximeters combine the renowned accuracy of Nonin PureSAT® pulse oximetry technology with fast and reliable Carbon Dioxide detection - all in a handheld, portable unit. These lightweight, 11 oz units are used the world over and are drop and vibration tested for durability. The CO2 detection function does not require warming up, and CO2 readings start on the first breath. Best of all the unti requires no calibration; it's ready to go when you are. These characteristics along with a long battery life (20 hours when reading both SpO2 and CO2) and ease of use make the 9843 or 9847 an ideal candidate for EMT or ambulatory use.

A Multitude of Functions
The 9843 or 9847 provide the capability to read both CO2 and SpO2 data, either individually or together. Turn off the CO2 detection and get just pulse oximetry data. Turn off the SpO2 detection for reading only Carbon Dioxide. Or, when needed, you can run both pulse oximetry and CO2 detection for a comprehensive look at patient condition. The included memory stores up to 24 hours of data for analysis and processing later. The 9843 offers all of these functions minus an alarm. The 9847, however, adds audible alarm capabilities, a much-needed function when monitoring patients in critical situations.

Easy to Use
Despite its capabilities, the 9840 series pulse oximeters remain simple and easy to use. Minimal training is required to start effectively using the device and, as stated before, no complicated calibrations need to be performed. The intuitive key pad controls all the functions and the unit runs on 6 standard AA batteries - no expensive proprietary battery packs. Finally, each 9840 unit comes with a 3 year manufacturer warranty giving you peace of mind.

Nothing Extra to Purchase
Each 9840 series pulse oximeter includes the following:

  • 1 - 8000AA Adult Finger Clip Sensor
  • 1 - 9840SA Carbon Dioxide Sensor
  • 3 - 9840AAT Airway Adapter Tubes
  • 6 - AA Alkaline batteries
  • 1 - Operator's Manual on CD-ROM
A wide selection of pulse oximeter sensors can be used with the units and other accessories are available such as:
  • Custom Carrying Case
  • Rubber Trim Bumper for extra protection
  • Mounting Bracket for wall or pole mounting
  • PC Interface Cable to download data to your computer
  • Nonin's nVision® Data Management Software for data transfer, analysis, storage, and reporting
More Information
Tech Specs

Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 3"W x 6"H x 1"D (7.62cm x 15.24cm x 2.54cm)
  • Weight: 11oz (310 grams) with batteries
  • Indicators:
    • Pulse Quality: Tricolor LED segments
    • Numeric Displays: Two 3-digit 7-segment LEDs
    • CO2: 8-segment LED bar graph