3150SC WristOx2 USB PC Interface Cable

Quick Overview

The 3150SC USB interface cable allows you to connect your WristOx2® 3150 to your PC for easy memory download. Coupled with the nVision® software, this makes logging, analyzing and storing historical pulse oximetry data quick and simple


If you are looking to connect your WristOx2® 3150 to a PC without needing a wireless Bluetooth® connection, then this is the cable for you. The 3150SC connects to your 3150 and allows you to plug into a standard USB port. You can then run Nonin's nVision® software to capture, analyze, manipulate and store your pulse oximetry data.

The 3150 WristOx2 does not come with a USB cable in it's standard configuration, but the wireless Bluetooth® connectivity is available. A USB allows for faster download of data and avoids having to configure the wireless connection in the event speed is required.

Please note that this cable is for use ONLY with the 3150 WristOX2 pulse oximeter. It will not work with the older 3100 WristOx.

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