1 - 2 Place Aviation Oxygen System (170 Liter)

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Quick Overview

Wishing you could fly above 12,000 for more than a few minutes? The inexpensive 170 Liter portable system from Aeromedix may be just what you are looking for. Fly your aircraft at higher altitudes for almost 6 hours when you combine this system with an Oxymizer cannula.


Sometimes it would be great to get into higher altitudes - you can avoid weather, not to mention flying over high terrain instead of just around it. But many general aviation aircraft are not setup to allow you to fly at these higher altitudes. They tend to lack one important piece of equipment - oxygen. However, you can now fly safely at these altitudes with the E-Ox 170 Liter oxygen system. When combined with the Oxymizer Cannula, you can fly for almost 6 hours on a single tank of oxygen - more than enough for most short cross country trips. The adjustable click-style regulator makes it easy to adjust your oxygen flow, even with one hand. With a small footprint and lightweight components, the 170 Liter system can easily be kept in your aircraft or carried with you in your flight bag. Now you can be prepared next time you want to climb to 14,000 feet.

All of our oxygen bottles are available either empty (to be filled on your own) or filled with oxygen.Please note that if you choose to have your bottle filled, we can only ship your order inside the US via  FedEx Ground or USPS Parcel Post. If you do not select Ground or Parcel Post during checkout, there could be a delay in your order as we will contact you to correct the shipping.

The Perfect System for Backup or Short-Term Use
The E-Ox 170 Liter Portable Oxygen System is ideally suited as either a backup oxygen system for emergency use or as a primary system for occasional, short-term use. With a standard oxygen mask, the 170 cylinder provides 85 minutes of oxygen at a continuous flow of 2 LPM. This means you have over one hour of oxygen to reduce your aircraft's altitude or make a landing. Combine this system with the available Oxymizer Cannula and you can see 5.6 hours of oxygen use from the same cylinder. This makes the 170 Liter system great for pilots who are only occasionally flying at higher altitudes or who want to carry a system sufficient for unexpected circumstances like terrain avoidance or ATC directives.

Take It With You Whenever You Fly
The size and weight of the 170 Liter system makes transporting the system a snap. The entire system weighs in at under 4 lbs and is only 16.5 inches tall with the regulator attached. This translates into a system that not only could act as either a primary or backup oxygen system, but also is easily taken in and out of the plane, avoiding troublesome FAA regulations on aircraft modifications. The available carrying case can make the setup even more portable by allowing the entire system to be contained within the case and give you the option of strapping it to the back of a seat as well.

Simple Operation
Using the 170 Liter oxygen system couldn't be much easier. The click-style adjustable regulator is easily operated even with just one hand. The regulator has increments of 0.5 LPM that range from 0 to 4 LPM. The shutoff valve has an easy-to-turn Lexan handwheel and incorporates a pressure gauge giving you an accurate reading of the amount of oxygen left. The CGA 540 valve is compatible with many accessories on the market and is a common connection at most FBO oxygen services.

Made To Last
We aren't interested in cutting corners to just save money. We want to offer you the highest quality at a very reasonable cost. Therefore, the 170 Liter system is made from all medical-grade components that we source and assemble ourselves. The systems are made in the USA and are made of durable aluminum, chrome plated steel, and plastics designed for hospital environments. We don't use cheap plastic connectors which can become brittle and break - all of our hose connections are made of either aluminum or stainless steel. Despite the quality components, we price these systems to be easy on your bank account.

Everything You Need is Included
Each E-Ox 170 Liter system includes:

  • 1 - 170-liter (M6) oxygen cylinder
  • 1 - CGA 540 shutoff valve with handwheel and pressure gauge
  • 1 - Adjustable, click style regulator with 1/2 liter increments from 0.0 to 4 LPM
  • All necessary tubing
  • At least one standard oxygen mask*

*We included at least one standard oxygen mask regardless of cannula or mask selection.

Upgrades and Options are Also Available
Each E-Ox Basic portable system can be configured in a number of different ways:

  • Choose between 1 or 2 places to serve oxygen just to yourself or an additional passenger with a special "Y" adapter
  • Select either basic oxygen masks (comes standard) or optional Oxymizer cannulas in either pendent or mustache style. Oxymizer cannulas can help you see a 4 fold improvement in oxygen use efficiency over a basic mask
  • You can elect to have us pre-fill your cylinder with oxygen so that it is ready to fly as soon as it arrives at you door.
  • Include a Respironics Go2 Pulse Oximeter with your system to give you a fast and accurate assesement of your body's oxygen needs, helpful in determining the proper flow rate.

We also carry a number of optional equipment you might consider when purchasing your oxygen system:

For more information, be sure to read Dr. Brent Blue's in-depth article about emergency oxygen systems.

More Information
Tech Specs


Physical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 16.5" H x 4.4" Diameter (with regulator)
  • Weight: 3.4 lbs
  • Capacity: 170 Liters (6 ft3)
  • Service Pressure: 2216 PSI
  • Connection Type: CGA 540

Cylinder Durations using the Oxymizer Cannula

  @ 0.5 LPM @ 1.0 LPM
1 person 5.7 hours (340 minutes)   2.8 hours (170 minutes)
2 persons   2.8 hours (170 minutes) 1.4 hours (85 minutes)

Cylinder Durations using Standard Oxygen Mask

  @ 1.0 LPM @ 2.0 LPM
1 person 2.8 hours (170 minutes)  1.4 hours (85 minutes)
2 persons   1.4 hours (85 minutes)   42 minutes

** FAA regulations state flow rate should be 1 Liter Per Minute (LPM) for every 10,000ft ASL with a standard O2 mask. An Oxymizer cannula reduces this flow rate by 1/2. The flow rates below have been rounded
UP to correspond to the increments available on our adjustable regulators.

Recommended Oxygen Flow Rates for Given Altitude

Flow Setting (LPM)  
Altitude (Ft MSL) w/ Standard O2 Mask w/ Oxymizer Cannula
25,000 2.5 LPM 1.5 LPM
20,000 2.0 LPM 1.0 LPM
18,000 2.0 LPM 1.0 LPM
15,000 1.5 LPM 1.0 LPM
10,000 1.0 LPM 0.5 LPM
5,000 0.5 LPM 0.5 LPM


ManufacturerAeroMedix, LLC
Wishing you could fly above 12,000 for more than a few minutes? The inexpensive 170 Liter portable system from Aeromedix may be just what you are looking for. Fly your aircraft at higher altitudes for almost 6 hours when you combine this system with an Oxymizer cannula.

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