1 - 2 Place Aviation Oxygen System (640 Liter)

Quick Overview

Looking for a simple, portable system for your frequent trips at high altitude or long cross country flights? The E-Ox 640 Basic Portable Oxygen System is a great solution for pilots looking for a large capacity system with simple operation in a size that fits great in smaller cockpits


If you are a pilot who frequently flies at high altitudes, or enjoys taking long cross country trips but don?t have an oxygen system big enough to fit your needs, then the E-Ox 640 Basic Portable Aviation Oxygen System is the system for you. With up to 21 hours of oxygen capacity, the E-Ox 640 system does not require frequent oxygen fills and can accommodate long cross country flights at high altitudes. The E-Ox 640 cylinder is considerably shorter than the taller E-Ox 680, making it ideal for small cockpits while still being easy to carry around. The adjustable regulator is easy to operate while flying - even with just one hand. The medical-grade components of all our aviation systems are designed for heavy use and promise years of reliable service.

All of our oxygen bottles are available either empty (to be filled on your own) or filled with oxygen. Please note that if you choose to have your bottle filled, we can only ship your order inside the US via FedEx Ground or USPS Parcel Post. If you do not select  Ground or Parcel Post during checkout, there could be a delay in your order as we will contact you to correct the shipping.

Extra Capacity for Long Trips or Frequent High Fliers
If you are flying frequent trips at altitude or taking extended cross country flights above 10,000 feet, the 640 system is just what you need. With 22.6 ft3of capacity, you can easily see over 20 hours of oxygen when the system is used in conjunction with an Oxyimizer cannula. Even without an Oxymizer cannula, this cylinder will provide over 5 hours of continuous oxygen at 2 Liters per Minute (LPM). Maybe you already live at a high altitude, (like those of us here in Jackson Hole, WY), and find yourself always using oxygen whenever you fly - even on short trips. The E-Ox 640 is a good choice for this sort of application because the oxygen capacity means you won't be having to fill they cylinder as often as other systems. Measuring at 21.1” tall and 5.25” in diameter, the E-Ox 640 will fit comfortably in already cramped cockpits.

Simple to Use and Made to Last
The E-Ox 640 is about as simple as it gets but it’s extremely durable. The click-style adjustable regulator attaches to the cylinder and can easily be operated by one hand. The entire system is manufactured to endure the wear and tear of frequent use and is made to prevent leaks even when handled roughly. The regulator is adjustable in half-liter increments from 0 to 4 liters per minute (LPM)- more than enough to provide you with the amount of needed oxygen at almost any altitude. The cylinder itself is aluminum and can withstand being handled harshly but still remains lightweight. Each standard mask includes a 3-channel "pinch resistant" tubing and all of the components of the system - masks, cannulas, regulator, tubing, and the cylinder - are all medical grade components.

Includes Everything You Need
There is no need to worry about purchasing additional accessories for this system, everything you need is included:

  • 1 - 22.6 ft3 (approx 640 liter) Aluminum oxygen cylinder
  • 1 - CGA540 fill valve with shutoff handwheel and pressure gauge
  • 1 - adjustable, click style regulator with half-liter increments from 0-4 LPM
  • All necessary tubing
  • At least one standard oxygen mask*

*We always include at least one standard oxygen mask regardless of cannula or mask selection.

Upgrades and Options are Also Available
Each E-Ox Basic portable system can be configured in a number of different ways:

  • Choose between 1 or 2 places to serve oxygen just to yourself or an additional passenger with a special "Y" adapter
  • Select either basic oxygen masks (comes standard) or optional Oxymizer cannulas in either pendent or mustache style. Oxymizer cannulas can help you see a 4 fold improvement in oxygen use efficiency over a basic mask
  • You can elect to have us pre-fill your cylinder with oxygen so that it is ready to fly as soon as it arrives at you door.
  • Included a Respironics Go2 Pulse Oximeter with your system to get fast and accurate assessments of your oxygen needs, a helpful piece of information when setting oxygen flow rates

We also carry a number of optional equipment you might consider when purchasing your oxygen system:

Looking for a Multi-Passenger System with Greater Control?
If you are looking for a portable oxygen system that will accommodate up to 4 passengers and allows each user total control over their own flowrates, take a look at our E-Ox 640 Individual Flow Oxygen System. This system gives you the ability to quickly add or remove up to 4 users with quick-disconnect fittings and provides each user with their own adjustable flowmeter for enhanced oxygen flowrate control.

Important Note Regarding Shipping:

You may order your E-Ox oxygen cylinders shipped either pre-filled or empty. Pre-filled systems cannot be shipped by air due to federal hazardous materials regulations. Please understand that if you choose to have your bottle filled, we can only ship your order inside the US via USPS Parcel Post or FedEx Ground. If you do not select Parcel Post or Ground during checkout, there could be a delay in your order as we will contact you to correct the shipping. Shipping Parcel Post to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico can take up to and possibly exceeding 30 days.

For more information, be sure to read Dr. Brent Blue's in-depth article about emergency oxygen systems. As always, feel free to call us at 1-88-362-7123 with any questions, we're here to help!

More Information
Tech Specs


Physical Specifications


  • Dimensions: 21.1" H x 5.25" Diameter (including regulator)
  • Weight: 9.0 lbs
  • Capacity: 22.6 ft3
  • Service Pressure: 2216 PSI
  • Connection Type: CGA540

Cylinder Durations using the Oxymizer conserving cannula

  @ 0.5 LPM @ 1.0 LPM
1 person 21.3 hours (1280 minutes) 10.5 hours (640 minutes)
2 persons      10.5 hours (640 minutes)             5.3 hours (320 minutes)


 Cylinder Durations using Standard Oxygen Mask

  @ 1.0 LPM @ 2.0 LPM
1 person 10.5 hours (640 minutes)   5.3 hours (320 minutes)
2 persons    5.3 hours (320 minutes) 2.6 hours (160 minutes)  

** FAA regulations state flow rate should be 1 Liter Per Minute (LPM) for every 10,000ft ASL with a standard O2 mask. An Oxymizer cannula reduces this flow rate by 1/2. The flow rates below have been rounded UP to correspond to the increments available on our adjustable regulators.

Recommended Oxygen Flow Rates for Given Altitude

Flow Setting (LPM)  
Altitude (Ft MSL) w/ Standard O2 Mask w/ Oxymizer Cannula
25,000 2.5 LPM 1.5 LPM
20,000 2.0 LPM 1.0 LPM
18,000 2.0 LPM 1.0 LPM
15,000 1.5 LPM 1.0 LPM
10,000 1.0 LPM 0.5 LPM
5,000 0.5 LPM 0.5 LPM
ManufacturerAeroMedix, LLC