2 - 4 Place Aviation Oxygen System (640 Liter)

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Quick Overview

At 22.6 cubic feet of capacity, the 640 liter Individual Flow E-Ox system can provide 4 people with up to 5.3 hours of oxygen. It's a great, portable system for longer trips at high altitudes.


The E-Ox 640 liter Individual Flow Oxygen System is just what's needed for longer trips at high altitudes, especially if you have a cabin full of passengers. The system is able to accommodate up to 4 people (or places) and is compact enough to be used in many different types of aircraft. Like all of our E-Ox systems, the 640 liter Individual Flow uses all medical-grade components and is constructed to take abuse. The system comes standard with the E-Ox Oxymizer cannula that helps you use your oxygen more efficiently when flying below 18,000 feet.

All of our oxygen bottles are available either empty (to be filled on your own) or filled with oxygen. Please note that if you choose to have your bottle filled, we can only ship your order inside the US via FedEx Ground or USPS Parcel Post. If you choose an oxygen pre-fill but do not select Ground or Parcel Post during checkout, there could be a delay in your order as we will contact you to correct the shipping.

Great for Longer Trips at Altitude

If you are planning your next cross-country trip and need a portable oxygen system for you and your passengers, the 640 liter oxygen system may be exactly what you are looking for. The 640 liter Individual Flow Oxygen System from AeroMedix is compact enough to fit easily in most aircraft, yet can provide a surprising amount of oxygen to you and your passengers. Even if you are planning on flying at higher altitudes, the 640 liter system means that you can have life-saving oxygen at your fingertips in the event Air Traffic Control, weather or terrain directs you to a high altitude temporarily.

More Control

Like all of our Individual Flow systems, the E-Ox 640 Individual Flow offers each user the ability to control their own oxygen flow rate. The included acrylic flow meters allow for flowrates from 0 to 2.5 liters per minute - plenty of range for providing oxygen at various altitudes. This allows each user to customize their own flowrates and helps you utilize your oxygen even more efficiently. The best results are seen when a user couples their flowmeter with the use of a pulse oximeter, which will allow them to quickly see if they are getting enough oxygen and make adjustments as necessary.

Longer Service

The 640 liter E-Ox Individual Flow system can easily provide over 21 hours of oxygen to a single user. Attach 4 users to the system and you can still get almost 5 1/2 hours of oxygen service. The included Oxymizer cannulas (standard with each "place" that is ordered) enables you to efficiently use your oxygen when flying below 18,000 feet. Above that altitude, FAR 23.1447 mandates that a standard oxygen mask is used, which is included with the system also. The regulator uses metal quick-disconnect fittings which make adding and removing users quick and easy.

Built to Last

Despite the very reasonable price tag, we construct the 640 liter system (and all of our other oxygen systems) from high quality, medical grade components; right down to the tubing we use. Each cylinder is made from high-strength aluminum and all of our hose barbs are metal, not plastic. The Acrylic flowmeters are impact and crack resistant and are definitely made to stand up to the sometimes abusive conditions of the cockpit. Each regulator is constructed from medical grade aluminum and each fitting uses teflon tape to prohibit leaks. The quick disconnects are made of stainless steel and won't crack or break under repeated use.

Everything You Need is Included

Each 640 liter 2-4 Place Individual-Flow Control Oxygen System includes:

  • 1 - 640-liter (22.6 cu. ft.) Aluminum Oxygen Cylinder with gauge and shutoff valve
  • 1 - Aluminum Regulator (interchangeable with any size cylinder) with 4 Quick-Disconnect fittings
  • Up to 4 - Acrylic Flowmeters, 0-2.5 liters/minute (Quantity depends on the number of places ordered)
  • Up to 4 - Oxymizer Oxygen Conserving Cannulas (Quantity depends on the number of places ordered)
  • 1 - Standard Oxygen Mask
  • All necessary hoses and clamps
  • Recommended flow settings and cylinder duration card

Watch Dr. Brent Blue's Presentation on the AeroMedix E-Ox Portable Oxygen Systems

Important Note Regarding Shipping:

You may order your E-Ox oxygen cylinders shipped either pre-filled or empty. Pre-filled systems cannot be shipped by air due to federal hazardous materials regulations. Please understand that if you choose to have your bottle filled, we can only ship your order inside the US via USPS Parcel Post. If you do not select Parcel Post during checkout, there could be a delay in your order as we will contact you to correct the shipping. Shipping Parcel Post to Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico can take up to and possibly exceeding 30 days.

For more information, be sure to read Dr. Brent Blue's in-depth article about emergency oxygen systems.

More Information
Tech Specs

640 Liter Cylinder Oxygen Service Durations

                                0-18,000 feet*   20,000 feet   25,000 feet
1 person 21.3 hours 5.3 hours 4.3 hours
2 persons 10.7 hours 2.6 hours 2.1 hours
3 persons 7.1 hours 1.7 hours 1.4 hours
4 persons 5.3 hours 1.3 hours 1.1 hours

*with each user utilizing an Oxymizer conserving cannula. FAR 23.1447 requires that individuals must use a mask above 18,000 feet

ManufacturerAeroMedix, LLC