2 - 4 Place Aviation Oxygen System Regulator Upgrade

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Quick Overview

Upgrade your E-Ox Basic System to and Individual Flow!


Maybe you've already purchased an AeroMedix E-Ox portable oxygen system but you'd like to add the functionality and control of the Individual Flow systems. This upgrade gives you a 4-place oxygen regulator, 2 flowmeters, 2 cannulas and the required tubing / connectors so you can convert your basic system into an Individual Flow. The Individual flow gives each user control over their own oxygen flow rate, thus conserving oxygen use.

To add additional flowmeters and cannulas see the E-Ox Additional Place for Individual Flow

The E-OX Individual-Flow Control Portable Oxygen System upgrade kit lets you make good use of your existing tank while enjoying all the benefits of our Individual Flow system. Give each passenger the ability to control their own oxygen rate and conserve oxygen at the same time.

Includes All You Need to Upgrade

The E-Ox Individual Flow upgrade kit includes each of the following:

  • (1) Four-Place oxygen regulator (non-adjustable) with quick-disconnects
  • (2) E-Ox clear acrylic adjustable flowmeters
  • (2) E-Ox Oxymizing Cannulas
  • All necessary tubing and connectors

Takes the Abuse of the Cockpit
There's a lot of things crammed into most cockpits. Seats, gear, maps, not to mention the occupants. The E-Ox flowmeters and 4-place regulator are designed to withstand a beating. The clear acrylic flowmeters are made so they could be stepped on, caught in a moving seat track, or get thrown around the cockpit and still serve up oxygen with accuracy and dependability. The regulator is constructed of medical-grade aluminum and uses quick-disconnect fittings to make breaking down the system easy.

Need more than 2 places?
Add up to two additional flowmeter / cannula setups to get a total of 4 available seats for passengers to use.

Don't forget a pulse oximeter which takes the guesswork out of dialing in the oxygen flow rate.

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Tech Specs

Kit Includes:

  • E-OX Individual Flow 4 Place Regulator
  • 2 E-OX Individual Flow Flowmeter w/ tubing and connector
  • 2 Oxymizer Cannulas
ManufacturerAeroMedix, LLC