Ultra Lightweight Child Aviation Safety Harness (FAA Approved)

Quick Overview

Keep your child safe in the air! This award-winning child restraint system is perfect for flying on commercial airlines or general aviation aircraft! It's the only restraint system approved by the FAA for all phases of airplane travel; from taxiing to take-off to turbulence and landing!


This system is specifically designed to be easy to use, lightweight and above all, safe! No more using bulky automotive child seats that are difficult to install. The system is comfortable enough to allow your child to sleep, yet tested to be far more safe than an ordinary lap belt. In fact, in 16g impact tests, the CARES child restraint system for aviation demonstrated an equivalent level of protection to car seats! This restraint system can be used on any seat in the airplane row - you are NOT constrained to only using window seats! The CARES system is not only a perfect tool when traveling via the airlines, but it can also be easily used in General Aviation aircraft to protect your child during all facets of travel. For the GA pilot, you'll find the CARES system incredibly easy to use and carry - it weighs less than 1 pound and comes with it's own carrying case. The entire system can be deployed in 1 minute!

CARES® Airplane Safety Harness is designed for children 22-44 lbs. (10 - 20 kg) who sit in their own seat. CARES® works with the regular airplane lap belt but adds extra safety by also securing and supporting the child’s upper body. CARES® is compact, light-weight (weights less than 1 pound), and is quick and simple to set up. CARES® is the only FAA certified harness-type child restraint and it can be used for the entire flight – taxi, take off, turbulence and landing. CARES® fits most airplane seats and can be used on any U.S. registered aircraft flying domestically or internationally. CARES® is also certified by the aviation authorities in Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Switzerland, Singapore, Japan and others.

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Tech Specs
Child Size CARES Special CARES Requires FAA Permit*
22-44 lbs; up to 40″ tall X    
Special needs flyers 41-56″ tall X   X
Special needs flyers over 5 ft. tall   X X

CARES / Special CARES  is only FAA approved for children 22-44 lbs and up to 40 inches tall.
Any child less than 44 lbs and 40 inches tall, can use it on any U.S. air carrier.

* The FAA permit is actually a letter, (called an exemption letter), which ‘exempts’ a flyer from the FAA rules regarding size restrictions and allows a larger special needs individual to use CARES. This letter may be needed for CARES (if the flyer is larger than 44 lbs and 40 inches), and is always needed when using Special CARES.