Nonin 3150 WristOx2 Pulse Oximeter

Quick Overview

The Nonin 3150 WristOx2® offers unmatched accuracy and ease-of-use with Nonin Medical's proven PureSAT© SpO2 technology.


Unmatched Performance and Value
Using Nonin Medical's patented PureSAT© technology, the WristOx2® model 3150 delivers highly accurate readings in a wide variety of applications and environments. The 3150's compact size and rugged construction make it ideal for cardio-ambulatory monitoring, overnight studies, remote wireless monitoring and home therapy applications. The WristOx2® 3150 is also clinically proven to provide accurate readings during physical activity applications such as walking and biking tests.

Comfort and Reliability for Long or Short-Term Monitoring
The wrist-worn WristOx2® 3150 is a comfortable solution for situations where long-term monitoring is required. The wrist band can be adjusted to a wide variety of wrist sizes and the included soft rubber sensor makes wearing the WristOx2® for long periods easy. With up to 1,080 hours of non-volatile memory that is secure even if power is lost, the 3150 allows continuous monitoring of oxygen saturation as well as analysis of historical oxygen stats a snap.

Simple Operation and Enhanced Connectivity
Operating the WristOx2® 3150 could not be more simple: attach the display to your wrist, put your finger in the sensor, and within seconds you are getting accurate oxygen saturation and pulse readings. The 3150 boasts multiple connection methods (wireless via Bluetooth™ or via USB cable) to simplify the downloading of patient data quick and easy. Coupled with Nonin's nVision® data management software, the 3150 becomes a powerful asset in a clinical setting for patient data reporting and manipulation.

Multiple Configurations Available Along with Accessories
Out of the box, the 3150 gives you everything you need to start reliably collecting pulse oximetry data. In the standard configuration the following is included:

  • WristOx2 3150 unit
  • AAA Batteries
  • An adjustable and reusable wristbands
  • One 8000SM-WO2 sensor

The Starter Kit configuration adds:

  • nVision® software
  • USB PC Interface cable

Also available are a selection of accessories for the 3150:

WristOx2 Sensor Varieties with Improved Connector Design

Soft Sensors

  • 8000SL-WO2
  • 8000SM-WO2
  • 8000SS-WO2 


  • 8000AA-WO2


  •  8000J-WO2 (with disposable FlexiWraps®)
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The WristOx2 Model 3150 Pulse Oximeter

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