Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Hard Case (Models 9590/9500/9550)

Quick Overview

The Nonin Justice Mark II case for the 9590/9500/9550 will keep your pulse oximeter safe under almost any conditions. Consider it insurance against dropping, crushing, even water.


You spent hard-earned money on your top-of-the-line Nonin pulse oximeter. Don't go out without the right protection for it. The Justice Mark II case is built to be crush-proof and water-tight even in 50 feet of water. The foam packing inside is pre-cut to fit your 9500 or 9550 pulse oximeter as well as extra batteries and the lanyard cord. The case even comes with it's own lanyard cord so you can easily attach it to your flight bag or backpack.

The Best Protection for your Investment
The Justice Mark II protective case is the best protection you can get for your Nonin 9550 or 9550. A crush-proof and waterproof design means that you don't have to worry about destroying your top-of-the-line Nonin pulse oximeter when you are out and about. Waterproof and leak-proof to 50 feet, even water isn't going to get in an damage your pulse oximeter.The Justice Mark II will protect your Nonin pulse oximeter against almost anything you can throw at it.

 Great for Flying and Outdoors Use

The Justice Mark II is perfect for the cockpit. You can store your pulse oximeter in the case then throw it in a flight bag or keep in the cockpit, knowing that your unit is protected against almost any kind of harm. As many avid hikers and mountaineers use pulse oximeters during their activities, the Justice Mark II case will help you defend your pulse oximeter from the elements and abuses of the outdoors as well.

Keeps Things Organized Also
The Justice Mark II case from Nonin also provides pre-cut foam inside the case to keep your pulse oximeter organized. There are cutouts for the pulse oximeter, extra batteries and the lanyard cord.

Don't take chances with your Nonin 9500 or 9550. Get the Justice Mark II case and make sure your pulse oximeter is protected.

More Information
Tech Specs

Technical Specifications

  • Waterproof: 50 feet (15 meters)
  • Case Materials: Durable plastic and foam padding
ManufacturerNonin Medical, Inc.