Nonin N-VISION pulse oximetery data management software

Quick Overview
N-VISION data management software for pulse oximeters.

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  Product Highlights

  • Powerful -- Comprehensive data analysis
  • Fast -- Simple and fast editing
  • Flexible -- Many report formats to choose from
  • Convenient -- Customized views, and instant data access
  • User-Friendly  -- Intuitive Windows-based application

Nonin's nVISION software is a powerful, yet easy-to-use, oximetry data analysis tool that enables you to capture, analyze, report and archive SpO2 and heart rate data from memory-equipped Nonin pulse oximeters. Here's how it works, step by step:


The first step to oximetry screening is to set up your memory-equipped pulse oximeter and record the data. nVISION can be used with the PalmSat2500 and 3100 WristOx, 8500M, and Avant 9600 pulse oximeters. Upon completion of the recording, you are now ready to transfer the data to your computer.


nVISION allows a seamless transfer of data from the pulse oximeter to your computer. When you are ready to transfer, simply connect the transfer cable to the computer's serial port. The easy-to-follow Windows screens walk you through the transfer process.

Select the recordings you want to analyze and start the data capture. The files will be transferred for review and analysis. Disconnect the device and you are ready to proceed.


Analyzing oximetry information has never been this easy. nVISION allows you to take the analysis as far as you need to go. The intuitive toolbar and icons are user-friendly and provide maximum efficiency.

Review the data through multiple "what if" scenarios, and/or change the display and analysis parameters to gain a full understanding of the patient's condition. With the comprehensive tools of nVISION, you can easily assess the data and provide an accurate diagnosis.'

Powerful editing capabilities include:

  • Adjustable analysis parameters
  • Detailed data assessment
  • Separate analysis for SpO2 and heart rate
  • Universal units of measure
  • User-defined field
  • One-click reset to default settings


Report layouts can be customized easily by changing titles, time scales, or zooming in on specific data segments. You may choose to use the standard reports for ease and simplicity. Whichever you select, you are guaranteed a streamlined process to print the data you need on paper quickly.

Choose from three categories to get the data you need, fast:

  • Oximetry report
  • Strip chart report
  • Full study report


Upon completion of printing the reports, you can conveniently store all the data in a patient data file on hard disk, or export to an ASCII text file for further analysis. nVISION's simple search function allows the fast location of any archived record. There's no worry about searching endless file names -- just simply enter a few characters of the patient name and nVISION does the rest.

This item is drop shipped directly from Nonin Medical. If expedited shipping is needed please call 888-362-7123 and speak with one of our customer service agents to see what is possible. Thank You.



More Information
Tech Specs


System Requirements

  • IBM-compatible computer with 486 CPU or higher.
  • Microsoft Windows 95 or 98.
  • Serial communications port.
  • CD-ROM drive.
  • 16 MB of memory.
  • 10 MB free space on hard drive.

nVision Software Interface Cables

NOTE: To use nVision software, you must order a serial data cable to connect your pulse oximeter to your PC.

  • For the Nonin 2500 and 8500M oximeters, order the 1000MC cable.
  • For the Nonin 3100, order the 1000SC-WO PC Interface Cable.
  • For the Nonin Avant 9600, order the UNI-RS 232 Download Cable.


Software Highlights


  • Automatically calculates the results for comprehensive analysis.
  • Easy graphical correlation between desaturation and pulse events.

"What If" Scenarios

  • User-selectable analysis parameters for SpO2 and pulse.
  • Immediate re-analysis and feedback.
  • Flexibility to perform case-specific data analysis.
  • Useful for data requiring additional sensitivity.


  • Events are marked and color-coded for easy reference.
  • Excluded data is identified in all reports.
  • Assess specific segments through statistical summary functions.
  • Case-specific information can be added for documentation.


  • Convenient pre-set report categories.
  • Adjustable time scaling.
  • Print entire recording and/or specific segments for documentation.


  • Simple search function provides fast location of patient records.
  • Store multiple patient records