NEW!! Best Aviation Resealable Urinals (3-Pack) Travel Janes



Travel John has been making the complications of “nature’s call” and traveling easier on pilots, boaters, and road-trippers for years. Their products have become popular with military personnel to provide a quick solution when pulling over and visiting a bathroom is simply not an option. With the new Travel Jane Resealable 3-pack, you can now get this same convenience in a resealable and reusable bag! Made from durable industrial-strength, puncture-resistant plastic, each bag is capable of holding up to 28oz of liquid. The proprietary LIQSORB polymer pouch in each bag converts liquids that enter the bag into spill-proof gel and can be used over and over until the bag is full!

When you “got to go” you “got to go” and Travel Janes have made it easier to do so! The Travel Janes RESEALABLE 3-pack will make flying, fishing and general traveling easier for you and your passengers!. Each 3-pack comes with 3 resealable Travel Jane portable urinals and 3 wet wipes for easy cleanup. Converts liquids to a spill proof gel and can be reused until it’s full!

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