Heavy Duty Aviation Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (9590 Onyx Vantage)




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Manufacturer: Nonin Medical, Inc

Accuracy, Dependability and an Industry Leading Warranty – At a Lower Price!

There are less expensive pulse oximeters out there but NONE are as accurate as the Nonin brand, period. I use the Nonin Pulse Oximeters in my medical practice exclusively and wouldn’t even think of using another brand.” — Dr. Brent Blue

Finding a dependable pulse oximeter for use in the cockpit cost hundreds of dollars when Aeromedix first introduced the technology to general aviation over 10 years ago. With Nonin’s introduction of the 9590 Onyx® Vantage, that’s no longer the case. You can now purchase a reliable, accurate and self-contained fingertip pulse oximeter with a four-year warranty! You don’t have to settle for a cheap pulse oximeter that may break the first time it’s dropped and/or give you erratic and unreliable oxygen saturation statistics. Small and lightweight, the 9590 can be carried in your pocket and will deliver your blood oxygen saturation within seconds.

With our medical director Dr. Brent Blue, Aeromedix is able to offer this prescription-only device without the need for a doctor’s visit. We provide the prescription for you the day of your order.

What happened To The Nonin 9500 Onyx and 9550 Onyx II?
After ten years of service, Nonin decided that they can offer patients and medical personnel more for their money by incorporating some of the more advanced features of the 9550 Onyx® II. With the addition of a four-year warranty and a lower price than the 9500 Onyx®, Nonin introduced the 9590 Onyx® Vantage. We think this is a great move on Nonin’s part, and while we are sad to see such a successful product as the 9500 Onyx® discontinued, we are excited about what the 9590 offers customers in terms of accuracy, durability and value. The 9550 Onyx® II is will still available to the US military, however, it will no longer be available for public purchase.

Why Should I Fly with a Pulse Oximeter?
A quality pulse oximeter makes it simple and easy to measure the concentration of oxygen in your blood. Being aware of your body’s oxygen needs is the first step in knowing when and how much supplemental oxygen to use, and more importantly, catching the symptoms of altitude-induced hypoxia before it’s too late. For over 10 years, Aeromedix has been introducing and promoting the use of pulse oximetry in aviation to give pilots (especially GA pilots) an added degree of safety when flying.

What About the Less Expensive Pulse Oximeters I See?
Today, the market is saturated with fingertip pulse oximeters, most of them coming from overseas. We at Aeromedix, however, have promoted the Nonin brand of oximeters because of their proven reliability and accuracy. We have seen time and time again that, as far as pulse oximeters go, it is truly a “get what you pay for” situation. Many of these cheaper units simply do not provide consistently accurate readings and many of them will break the first time they are dropped. Nonin oximeters, however, are made to last and their accuracy can only be matched by expensive hospital or laboratory units that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Nonin’s reputatoin for making a quality products is unmatched. We regularly have customers who purchased a 9500 Onyx® ten-plus years ago and are still using it! Even the US Military spotted quality in the Nonin name – the 9550 Onyx® II is now sold exclusively to the military as it has been tested to perform even in the most demanding conditions.

Now Quality Is Within Reach
The 9590 Onyx® Vantage makes getting a quality pulse oximeter more affordable than ever. At a price under $230, the 9590 will serve you and your passengers well for years to come. The 9590 Onyx® Vantage can only be sold with a medical perscription, but our medical director, Dr. Brent Blue, can provide a prescription, saving you a trip to the doctor. Don’t take chances on your safety, get a pulse oximeter you can fly with and trust.


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