Best Aviation Disposable Vomit/Urine Bags (5-Pack)

Quick Overview

Lightweight, portable & resealable! The Travel John Vomit/Urine bags are perfect for motion or sea sickness. The instant-gel guarantees no mess! Great for flying, driving, sailing, or camping. Each 5-pack contains 5 environmentally friendly bags made from coated paper. Each unit holds up to 28 fluid ounces. Avoid landing your aircraft or pulling your vehicle over, use a resealable and disposable Travel John.


More than an airsick bag. The Travel John Vomit/Urine bags are lightweight and portable but leak proof and gel immediately. They can help you prepare for any "emergency" that may arise while flying, driving, sailing, or camping!

Each 5-pack contains 5 bags made from environmentally friendly coated paper, which can hold up to 28 fluid ounces each! Once used the bags can be sealed and then disposed, much more convenient than having to land or pull over.

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"As awkward as it may be to talk about, wastewater disposal is a real problem for those of us who fly with avgas instead of Jet A. The recent availability of super-absorbent polymer powders have now made it possible to solve this problem with compact, spill-proof, odor-proof disposable urinals. So far, the #1 Travel John seems to be the best of the breed. I'd suggest keeping a three-pack in each seat-back pocket. It works well, and is a whole lot cheaper than trading up to a King Air or Citation." - Mike Busch (read the whole article)


Travel John Disposable Relief Bags are the most sanitary, effective and convenient portable urinal on the market today. Employing a super-absorbent polymer that instantly gels and deodorizes liquids within seconds, the TJ offers the first truly hygienic, odor-free, spill-proof solution to one of aviation's oldest problems.

Instant gelling action eliminates any chance of spillage. The unique bag-within-a-bag design of the TJ makes it the only product of its kind that completely eliminates the possibility of chemical spillage. Extensive testing has shown that its ergonomically-designed unisex adapter collar provides effective, accident-free relief for women as well as men. It also works effectively as a leak-proof, odor-free "barf bag" in the event of severe motion sickness.

The Travel John is available in a convenient 3 pack or 18 pack.

More Information
Tech Specs
  • Revolutionary "bag within a bag design"
  • Non-toxic,odorless,spill proof gel. TravelJohn instantly gels after absorption of liquid, making the TravelJohn leak-proof
  • No closure needed
  • Waste disposal safe - simply throw away
  • Small and light weight
  • Reusable until TravelJohn is full
  • LIQSORB® super absorbent polymer pouch included
  • Volume indicator included
  • Unisex plastic collar for easy handling
  • Dimensions (Each Bag)
         Unfolded: 5" x 11"
         Folded: 2" x 2" x 5"
  • Volume(Max):28 oz.(800 c.c)
  • Weight: 1.5 oz.before use