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Doc Blue’s Family Medical Kit



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“One of the things that has always driven me crazy about the commercial first aid kits that you find in drugstores and pilot supply catalogs is that they’re filled with crap that is totally useless … and sometimes even harmful. Never one to be soft-spoken or un-opinionated, I have tried to make my feelings known (vigorously) to various manufacturers of first aid kits, only to be ignored.” With this in mind Doc Blue says, “I have developed a first aid kit for my own use which cuts out all the B.S. and contains a host of useful items, most of which can be used for a multitude of purposes. It’s not the cheapest kit (we’ll talk about cost later), but it includes stuff one is most likely to actually need, and I’ve tried to include the best and most useful items available, packaged in a fashion that makes the kit truly useful.” — Dr. Brent Blue

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Developed By a Physician With Versatility In Mind
“Over the years, I have assembled my own traveling medical kit for dealing with away-from-home emergencies, based on my long experience as an emergency room doc, frequent traveler, pilot, outdoorsman, and dad. Now you can buy a kit of your own substantially identical to the one I carry when I travel.” — Dr. Brent Blue

Dr. Brent Blue has served as a board-certified in both family-practice and emergency medicine, FAA-designated Senior Aviation Medical Examiner, former team physician for the U.S. aerobatic team, and widely-published author of articles on aviation medicine. He has also been an avid skier, outdoorsman and family-man. With these years of training and experience, Dr. Blue has developed what we believe to be the best emergency medical kit on the market today. His Emergency Medical Kit is designed to provide critical medical tools and supplies to treat the widest possible range of potential situations, from everyday coughs and headaches to life-threatening injuries. Not simply a first-aid kit, Dr. Blue’s Emergency Medical Kit is designed for frequent, even everyday use as well as for unexpected traumas that may occur.

Packed With Things You Need – Nothing You Don’t

“Most first aid kits contain too much special-purpose stuff and not enough multi-purpose stuff. When weight and space are at a premium, it’s essential to choose medications and other items which can be used to deal with multiple problems. For instance, antibiotic eye drops can be used in the ear, but eardrops cannot be used in the eye.”– Dr. Brent Blue While most first aid and medical kits contain a bevy of things to be used during infrequent medical traumas, they typically lack in useful, multi-purpose items that can address a range of issues. Dr. Blue developed his Medical Kit specifically to address this deficiency. You won’t find bulky stethoscopes or expensive blood pressure cuffs taking up space or weight in this medical kit. Rather, you’ll find medications, bandages, splints and other items that can address not only a rare emergency situation, but also more common medical circumstances like cuts, coughs, diarrhea, and a host of other ailments that can occur while traveling. This means you gain an all-purpose medical kit suited for a much wider scope of potential problems than the kits you find elsewhere.

Packaged For Portability, Easy Access and Durability

“Ordinary first aid kits are packaged in a plastic or metal hinged-lid box that requires the user to dump most or all of the contents out to find a needed item. This makes the kits difficult to use, which in turn causes people to avoid using them in anything but the most dire emergency. If you carry a first aid kit in your car or airplane, boat or backpack, think about when the last time was that you actually opened the kit and made use of the contents. For most people, the answer is ‘a long time ago’ or ‘never’.” — Dr. Brent Blue A medical kit may be packed to the gills with all sort of items, but how easy are those items to find and use when you need them? How portable is it? Can it stand up to being carried wherever you travel? Dr. Blue has addressed all of these questions in designing his medical kit. While the kit itself is indeed “fully stocked”, it is done so in a well-organized fashion that makes finding even the smallest items easy to locate and remove for use. The carrying bag is loaded with zippered pockets and Zip-Lock® style clear plastic bags attached to the bag itself; no free roaming packages or bags. All of the containers are laid out in a logical fashion and make it easy to find and use the supplies. The kit bag itself is made to be easy to carry with both carrying handles and a waist strap. It is compact enough to fit well in even the smallest aircraft and is well-sized for taking along in cars, RVs, campers and boats. The waist straps allow for the kit to be strapped to waist in a “fanny pack” style so that carrying it on long hikes and backcountry outings is possible. As for durability, the heavy-duty Urethane coated Cordura® kit bag is rugged enough to withstand everyday use and travels into rough and demanding terrain. AeroMedix has the kit bags built by a company specializing in the manufacture of EMT medical bags so you can trust that it will take years of abuse.

Useful, Portable, Durable – And Value

Dr. Blue’s Emergency Medical Kit is designed to be useful and user-friendly, not a “break glass in case of emergency” affair. It cuts out all the junk and contains a host of useful items, most of which can be used for a multitude of purposes. If you tried to duplicate this kit on your own, you would spend well over $500. At $365, Doc Blue’s Medical Kit is more expensive than most off-the-shelf kits, but it contains things you are most likely to actually need and use on a regular basis. Dr. Blue has included the best and most useful items available, packaged in a fashion that makes the kit truly useful.

Doc Blue’s Family Medical Kit – Refill Pack Only – $290.

Physical Specifications:
Weight: 5.30lbs
Dimensions: 16″L x 7″W x 12″H
Carry Bag Material: Urethane Coated Cordura

Kit contents:

Doc Blue’s Family Medical Kit – Refill Pack – $290.00
If you only need to refill your existing kit, Doc Blue’s Family Medical Kit Refill Pack is a complete refill containing all of the items listed in the kit contents for the Doc Blue’s Family Medical Kit.
The Refill Pack items are bagged and organized to allow for a simple refilling of an existing kit.
Please note that the Refill Pack is the contents items only, and does not include the outer nylon bag or the inner zip closure pouches with velcro attachment.
To order the refill pack, scroll to the bottom of this page.

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